If you’ve suffered injuries in a ride-share by Uber/Lyft you may be eligible for damages. Here’s how to sue Uber/Lyft in a Rideshare lawsuit.

To sue Uber/Lyft, you must send a demand letter, contact an attorney, fill out court forms, file the complaint with the court, serve the rideshare company, and attend the court hearing. If you are a victim of sexual assault in an Uber/Lyft, make sure to report the assault to the police as soon as possible.

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After The Assault

Step 1: Contact Law Enforcement

After an assault, it is important to contact and report the incident to law enforcement so that they may begin an investigation.

Step 2: Report Your Driver On The Uber/Lyft App

Reports are anonymous. Make sure to report the driver so that they cannot provide rides to other customers.

Step 2: Seek Medical Attention

Seek any necessary medical attention necessary after the assault. Necessary medical attention can include rape kits, hospital checkups, and mental health appointments.

Step 3: Document Any Copies of Messages, Credit Card Charges, or Driver Information

In order to help prove that you are a victim of sexual assault, make sure to document any copies of messages, credit card charges, and driver information. This can help move the process forward. Contact an attorney to help with your sexual assault case against Uber.

Steps To Sue Uber/Lyft

Step 1: Send Uber a Demand Letter

The demand letter can be simple. All you need to do is write who you are, what the issue is, and what you hope to receive as compensation. Make sure to send this letter through U.S certified mail. Send the letter to:



Lyft HQ Address:
185 Berry Street, Suite 5000
San Francisco, CA 94107 USA
Phone: 855-865-9553

Step 2: Fill Out Court Forms For A Civil Claim

Each state has different forms to fill out. Please contact your local court clerk so they may direct you to the appropriate forms.

Step 3: File Your Complaint With The Court

Make three copies. The court will stamp all three copies and keep the original.

Step 4: Serve Uber/Lyft

Serve one of the stamped copies to the rideshare company. The service of process must be completed by someone over the age of 18 and will alert Uber or Lyft about your choice to engage in a hearing.

Step 5: Settlement

If an agreement is not reached during the settlement, the case will go to trial. Cases against Uber/Lyft typically end in a settlement.

Step 6: Attend The Hearing

The judge and jury will determine whether you will win the case or not. If you do win, you may be eligible for financial compensation.

As A Victim of Uber/Lyft Sexual Assault You May Receive Damages in the form of:

  • Compensation For Medical Bills
  • Assistance With Mental Health Treatment Costs
  • Replacement Pay For Lost Work
  • Damages For Pain and Suffering

FAQs about Suing Uber

Is Uber Liable For The Conduct Of Their Drivers?

Uber is not liable for the conduct of its drivers as they work as independent contractors. Uber however is responsible for doing a background check on their drivers to ensure a safe environment. Uber is liable for sexual assault if they are found in court to have been responsible for the victim’s harm.

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Will My Uber/Lyft Driver Know I Reported Him?

No, reports are anonymous. The passenger is not at risk for reporting a driver for violating terms of service or any wrongdoing done by the driver.

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How Do I Report An Uber Driver For Harassment?

To report sexual harassment in an Uber/Lyft you can:

  • Call 911
  • Click on the in-app Emergency Button (Calls 911)
  • Call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at (800)-656-4673
  • Press Help on the app to report the driver/passenger.

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