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What is Her Lawyer?

Her Lawyer directs individuals looking for legal help to accredited, experienced lawyers that can help resolve their legal matters. We connect clients with qualified attorneys based on their location, legal matter, and preferences. Attorneys in our network specialize in a variety of legal areas and can help you resolve your unique legal issue. Depending on your needs and preferences, we may match you with an attorney outside of our network.


How does Her Lawyer work?

When you contact Her Lawyer either by phone or online, we’ll ask you a few questions regarding your legal matter. Within one business day, we’ll use this information to connect you with a qualified attorney that specializes in the area of practice in which you seek help.

Where does Her Lawyer operate?

Her Lawyer’s network of independent attorneys operates throughout California in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, the Bay Area, and surrounding jurisdictions. We are currently expanding to regions outside of California, as well.

How does Her Lawyer help women seeking legal advice?

To ensure our clientele’s satisfaction, attorneys in our network carry at least five years of specialized practice and undergo sensitivity training. Our lawyers provide professional legal counsel and representation to female clients with expertise, confidence, and discretion. Depending on your needs and preferences, we may match you with an attorney outside of our network.

How qualified are Her Lawyer’s attorneys?

Her Lawyer’s member attorneys carry at least five years of specialized practice and undergo sensitivity training to ensure our clientele’s satisfaction. Our team continuously warrants that each member attorney meets our high standards of experience and requisites.

Are Her Lawyer’s member attorneys insured?

For our clientele’s best interest, we require that each attorney in our network carries malpractice insurance.

Do I need to pay for an attorney if I have a quick question?

Her Lawyer provides you with numerous choices when seeking legal help. Our site has a plethora of legal information on various legal topics, which you can search and read freely. Depending on the complexity of your legal issue, a member attorney may be able to answer your questions during a free initial consultation.

Who are Her Lawyer’s member attorneys?

Her Lawyer’s independent legal network includes qualified, diverse, and experienced attorneys. Our attorneys’ diverse sexes, nationalities, and legal backgrounds ensure that Her Lawyer maintains a balanced environment for its staff and clientele. We require that every member attorney in our independent network carries at least five years of specialized legal experience and malpractice insurance. To expand access to quality legal representation, we also collaborate with like-minded platforms outside of our network.

Do Her Lawyer’s member attorneys represent men as well?

Although Her Lawyer provides tailored legal counsel and representation to women in California, we provide our services to men as well. Our attorneys advise and represent both men and women. Our sister company, Pride Legal, connects LGBTQ individuals in need of legal help with attorneys in California.

Our Mission

Founded on the principles of individual empowerment, Her Lawyer believes in a future where all rights are equally extended to individuals regardless of sex, gender, or race. We recognize our unique place in time and society, as well as our capability to create a brighter future. We are dedicated to serving our community at large. Our team will connect you to the right lawyer for your unique circumstance.

At Her Lawyer, we understand that personal needs require personalized service. Clients may feel more comfortable with a lawyer of the opposite sex, or even of the same sex. Recognizing and fulfilling your needs and preferences are our highest priorities. If you prefer a female lawyer to represent you, contact us to get in touch with one of our women attorneys!

Her Lawyer: Leaders in Female Legal Representation

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