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#1 Legal Service for Women in California

Her Lawyer is an independent network of passionate attorneys who fiercely defend and counsel women throughout the State of California. We connect clients and personable, local attorneys that are vetted, insured, and experienced. One of our attentive lawyers will contact you for a free and thorough consultation. Her Lawyer will empower you, no matter how unique your legal situation.

Our attorneys carry legal expertise in numerous legal areas. Whether you’re seeking a divorce, facing employment discrimination, or need ANY legal advice, Her Lawyer is here to help you. It is our privilege to be trusted as a leading legal resource for women in California.

When dealing with any legal issue, always feel comfortable with your attorney. We understand that personal needs require personalized service and will accommodate your preferences. If you prefer female representation, contact us to get in touch with one of our female lawyers for women. We’ll connect you to the right attorney for your individual needs.

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Legal Issues

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Family Law

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Employment Law

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Personal Injury

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Criminal Defense

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At Her Lawyer, we are dedicated to helping you find an attorney who is the best fit for your legal concerns.

Hiring the Right Attorney for You

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Your Rights, Our Priority

At Her Lawyer, protecting your legal rights is our highest priority. The United States Constitution affords rights to all individuals, regardless of sex, race, religion, age, gender, or sexual orientation. To properly exercise such rights, its imperative to hire someone that understands them. Your skilled, relentless attorney will fight to protect your legal rights.

Legal areas such as employment, business, and family law each carry their respective legal doctrines. To thoroughly understand California’s complex legal systems, each of our attorneys specializes in their legal practice. By focusing their legal work in concentrated areas of law, Her Lawyer’s attorneys for wholly attune to their clients’ specific legal matter. Some clients prefer to be represented by a female attorney. If you prefer to be represented by a woman lawyer, Her Lawyer can get you in touch with one of our female attorneys for women. Every situation is unique; we will connect you with the most qualified attorney for your individual circumstance.

Foresighted Actions

Devising a foresighted plan is essential to protecting your best interests. You and your attorney will create a detailed course of action for your specific legal process. Your lawyer, navigating through California’s complex legal system, will keep you informed at every turn. By thoroughly discussing legal objectives, you and your attorney will make well-informed and deliberate decisions to protect your legal rights.

Attorneys must have a thorough understanding of specific California laws to properly represent and advise their clients. Our attorneys focus their individual practices in certain areas of law, allowing them to garner specialized expertise in a variety of legal matters. Based on your legal situation, needs, and preferences, we will connect you with the right attorney. If you prefer to be represented and advised by a female attorney, we can get you in contact with one of our women lawyers.

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Individualized Representation

By fully understanding the circumstances of your legal matter, your attorney can more effectively build a strategy based on proactive measures rather than reactive responses. Every situation calls for unique action, and trusting your attorney is key in executing such action. Every attorney in Her Lawyer’s network carries at least 5 years of specialized experience and has undergone gender sensitivity training.

Although every attorney in Her Lawyer’s network handles legal cases with confidence, skill, and discretion, we will accommodate your preferences. If you prefer for a woman lawyer to represent you, contact Her Lawyer to get in contact with one of our female attorneys.

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