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Working With Your Spouse to Settle Disputes

Her Lawyer attorneys | Los AngelesSpouses that want to avoid a nasty divorce can end their marriage peacefully. In a collaborative divorce, spouses work together to problem-solve any divorce disputes they have. This can save both spouses the time, expenses, and stress that comes with divorce court. While collaborative divorce can be a great way to settle divorce terms, spouses without legal representation may jeopardize their rights in negotiations. Our lawyers specialize in protecting the rights of spouses in collaborative divorce. Schedule your free consultation with one of our San Diego Collaborative Divorce Attorneys today!

Why Choose Her Lawyer?

At Her Lawyer, we proudly help spouses get a collaborative divorce. Marriages too often end on bad terms because spouses didn’t know their options. Our attorneys recognize the difficulties of a drawn-out divorce and will do everything in our power to make sure your divorce ends peacefully. One of our San Diego lawyers can protect your rights in collaborative divorce negotiations.

What is collaborative divorce?

A collaborative divorce is a divorce in which spouses use mediation to negotiate divorce terms outside of court. Collaborative divorce is a way for spouses to work together and problem-solve their divorce disputes. For a collaborative divorce to be successful, both spouses must be willing to negotiate and compromise. If one or both spouses aren’t willing to compromise, the divorce can end up in court where a judge will make legally binding orders as he or she sees fit.

In a collaborative divorce, spouses attend a meeting with their respective attorneys present. Each party presents any disputes they may have and their ideal settlement, and then negotiate. Once the parties have agreed to all divorce terms, an attorney can draft the final divorce agreement and file it with the court.

San Diego Collaborative Divorce Process

1. Meet With A Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

The first step of your collaborative divorce is to meet privately with a divorce lawyer. Each spouse will bring their own attorney to the meeting, so it’s important to hire a lawyer with expertise in collaborative divorces. Tell your attorney about every relevant aspect of the divorce and your ideal property division, spousal support, child support, and child custody terms. Let your attorney know the least you’re willing to leave the meeting with. By keeping your attorney informed, they can better understand how to protect your rights in the four-way meeting.

2. Schedule a Four-Way Meeting

At the meeting will be you, your attorney, your spouse, their attorney, and possibly a mediator. In this meeting, each party negotiates their preferred terms of settlement for whatever disputes the spouses may have. If spouses are having trouble reaching an agreement, a mediator can be consulted to create a more structured negotiation process. These meetings can reoccur until all divorce terms have been settled.

3. File Divorce Papers

Once the spouses have agreed to all divorce terms, your lawyer can write up the final divorce agreement and file it with the court. If you and your spouse have agreed to all divorce terms in this meeting, there should be no need to attend court. The rest of the divorce process may only require filing paperwork, which your attorney can do properly.

How Can A San Diego Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Help Me?

While collaborative divorce is a great way for spouses to cooperate with their divorce, it can sometimes be extremely difficult for spouses to agree to divorce terms. In negotiations, your rights may be jeopardized without proper legal counsel and representation.

Each spouse seeks their best interests, so it’s essential to hire an attorney that can represent you in a collaborative divorce. Once terms are settled, your lawyer can draft a final divorce agreement and submit it to a judge for approval. If spouses can reach an agreement with their attorneys present, they will never have to step foot in a court.

Collaborative Divorce – Attorney Principles

Defending Your Rights

As attorneys, our job is to protect your legal rights. It’s important for spouses to hire an experienced lawyer, even when collaboratively reach a divorce agreement. California family law affords you certain rights; hire an attorney that can help you exercise them. Our attorneys fiercely defend the rights of spouses in San Diego.

Keeping Negotiations Peaceful

Spouses that want to keep negotiations peaceful can choose to get a collaborative divorce. As collaborative divorce lawyers, we will create a healthy balance between protecting your rights and settling divorce terms. Your attorney will do everything in their power to make sure you reach a fair divorce agreement outside of court.

Unique Approach

Our attorneys recognize that every divorce is different and requires its own solution. Your attorney will take the time to understand your unique case. One of our lawyers will adapt to your needs and preferences to make sure your collaborative divorce is successful. At Her Lawyer, our attorneys approach their cases with understanding, skill, and execution.

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