What You Need to Know About a Public Intoxication Charge in Pennsylvania

Public intoxication laws differ across states. Here is everything you need to know about public intoxication in Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, public intoxication is a summary offense. Individuals charged with public intoxication can face a fine of $500 for their first offense.

Types of Offenses and Penalties in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, a person is guilty of a summary offense if they are in a public place under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance to the degree they may endanger themselves, someone else, or property. A person with a public intoxication charge will have to pay a fine of $500 for the first offense and $1000 for the second and subsequent violations.

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Talking to a lawyer can help you determine if you have a defense against a public intoxication charge. The law requires the incident to occur in a public place. Courts could dismiss the charge if the incident happened in a nonpublic place. A public intoxication charge is only valid if the intoxication posed harm to yourself or others. Your lawyer can help prove you were not intoxicated to this degree and get the charge dismissed.

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