Hiring an attorney can be a very tedious and stressful process. People don’t always know what they’re looking for or how to figure out what kind of attorney they want. Here is everything you need to know about whether or not you should hire a female divorce attorney.

When it comes to hiring an attorney, it is most important to pick someone that is right for you. This includes the gender of your attorney. While the gender of your attorney might not make any difference to a judge or affect their skill in helping you reach a great settlement, it might affect how you feel around your attorney and whether or not you are fully satisfied with the process and result of the case. Choosing an attorney is a very personal decision. At a time when you are especially vulnerable, you need an attorney that you can trust. Right now, women make up about 40% of all attorneys throughout the United States. If you feel as though a woman would be the best choice for you, and you feel that you would be equally comfortable or more comfortable around a woman attorney, then you should stick with what your gut is telling you.

Benefits of Hiring a Female Divorce Attorney

Many people assume that all women attorneys are gentler, more comforting, more sensitive, better listeners, and more social. This is not always the case, and people should not choose to hire a female divorce attorney based solely on these stereotypes. There are aggressive female attorneys as well as more sensitive male attorneys. However, there are some benefits to hiring a female divorce attorney that is not purely based on stereotypes.

Women have an especially large impact on family law cases, as children tend to respond more to women. Children are usually the most emotionally affected by a divorce, as they are less emotionally mature during a time of immense change. Women can quickly gain children’s trust easier than men, and are therefore usually better at calming them down when they get upset. Male divorce attorneys dealing with children often have to bring in a female attorney or coworker to gain cooperation from children. Female divorce attorneys often do not have this problem.

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Women going through a divorce will likely be better handled by and much more comfortable with a female attorney. Women understand other women, and many share similar experiences. A large reason why many divorces happen is miscommunication between spouses. Women have lived the female experience and are more likely to understand and know how to handle other womens’ feelings and concerns in a divorce. For male clients trying to end a heterosexual marriage, female attorneys can give a little more insight into what their wife might be thinking or feeling, and how he can best help her feel most comfortable.

Female clients may also be more willing to share intimate details about their relationship with their attorney. It is important for a lawyer to understand all of the ins and outs of your relationship so they can try to figure out the best way to go about a settlement. The more a female client shares with their attorney, the better deal they will get in a divorce.

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Are There Any Cons to Hiring a Female Divorce Attorney?

No, there are no cons to hiring a female divorce attorney. Men and women in the field are equally knowledgeable of the law and both can help you reach the settlement you want and deserve. However, everyone has preferences, and if you feel that you would be most comfortable with a male divorce attorney, then that is who you should hire. There is no formula for how to find the perfect divorce attorney; you just have to figure out what is the best situation for you.

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