There are financial reimbursements available for previous Zantac users. Here’s what to know about the average payout in a Zantac lawsuit.

Although no Zantac lawsuit payouts have occurred, several are planned to settle in 2023. Predicted payout amounts may vary based on the plaintiff’s experience with Zantac.

What is a Zantac Lawsuit?

Zantac is the name brand product for the generic drug ranitidine. Ranitidine is a drug used to combat heartburn. It contains dangerous amounts of NDMA, a carcinogen classified as a hepatotoxin that is proven to cause cancer in animals and humans. Carcinogens are cancer-causing chemicals.

Over time, the amount of NDMA can increase in ranitidine. As Zantac sits on the shelf, NDMA can continue to accumulate in the product, causing the FDA to prohibit the manufacturing of Zantac in April 2020.

Those who have taken Zantac can sue for money damages. These damages include medical bills, loss of enjoyment, and punitive damages. “Defective design” and “improper labeling and failure to warn” are the two different grounds for a Zantac lawsuit.

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No Zantac lawsuit payouts have been made. However, settlement talks predict payouts will likely occur in 2023. The numerical payout amount will be determined during settlement proceedings.

Predictions for Zantac lawsuit payouts involve a three-tiered ranking.

The first tier of predicted payout ranges from $300,000-$400,000. The second tier of predicted payouts ranges from $80,000 to $120,000. The third tier of predicted payouts ranges from $20,000-$60,000. A plaintiff’s classification within each tier depends on how long he or she has used Zantac, or if he or she has been diagnosed with cancer-related to Zantac.

There are certain Zantac lawsuits pertaining to bladder cancer. Bladder cancer cases have a predicted payout of $300,000. The payout prediction is based on the average payout from Actos lawsuits, another drug proven to cause bladder cancer in consumers.

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FAQs of Average Payout for a Zantac Lawsuit

Are Zantac lawsuits class action lawsuits?

No, Zantac lawsuits are not class actions lawsuits. Rather, Zantac lawsuits are individual cases where a victim sues the drugmaker.

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Is Zantac still sold in pharmacies?

Yes, it is still possible to purchase Zantac. The new formula does not include ranitidine. Instead, it is made with famotidine, which is not proven to cause cancer. For example, Zantac 360, which is produced by Sanofi, is not included in the FDA recall because it is made with famotidine.

How do I qualify for a Zantac lawsuit?

Someone can qualify for a Zantac lawsuit in a few ways. A person who may qualify for a Zantac lawsuit has used Zantac, has a cancer diagnosis potentially caused by NDMA, or can prove a connection between personal Zantac use and cancer.

How many companies manufacture Zantac?

Over ten companies manufacture prescription Zantac. Most companies have since recalled their products.

What are the predicted settlement amounts based on the three-tier payout plan?

Roundup is a similar drug to Zantac because it was linked to cancer and sold to consumers. A global settlement involving Roundup is currently underway. Roundup lawsuit data was consulted in calculating and predicting Zantac lawsuit payouts.

What types of cancer can Zantac cause?

Plaintiffs claim Zantac caused several types of cancer. The most commonly diagnosed cancer is prostate, followed by colorectal, bladder, then gastric.

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