After divorce, who gets to keep the wedding ring? Here’s what to know about who keeps the wedding ring in an Ohio divorce.

Ohio courts consider wedding rings conditional gifts. If a couple separates before marriage, the giver will keep the ring. If a couple gets a divorce after marriage, the receiver will keep the ring.

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Keeping the Wedding Ring in an Ohio Divorce

Ohio considers wedding rings a conditional gift. A conditional gift means the person receiving it becomes the owner if they meet certain conditions.

If a couple gets married and later divorces, the spouse who received the ring keeps it because the couple met the marriage condition. If a couple separates before marriage, the individual giving a ring will keep it because the couple never met the marriage condition.

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Exceptions to Who Keeps the Wedding Ring in an Ohio Divorce

A couple may sign a prenuptial agreement before marriage. A prenuptial agreement is a legal document a couple and lawyer write consisting of clauses to determine each couple’s assets in the event of divorce. The court will recognize a prenuptial agreement’s clause stating which spouse keeps the wedding ring in a divorce.

Couples may contest the court’s statement that wedding rings are conditional gifts by arguing the ring was an unconditional gift. Proving a wedding ring was an unconditional gift can be difficult, and the court may disapprove of the couple’s request. If the proposal occurred on a holiday or birthday, the couple could consider the gift unconditional because gift-givers do not expect compensation on special occasions. Courts may not overturn any further requests because Ohio law considers wedding rings conditional gifts.

FAQs About Who Keeps the Wedding Ring in an Ohio Divorce

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What if the ring I gave my ex-wife was a family heirloom?

Ohio would consider the heirloom wedding ring the receiving party’s property after divorce if the couple was married. The couple should create a prenuptial agreement with a clause about who keeps the wedding ring if the gifting spouse intends to keep the ring in a divorce.

What if neither spouse wants to keep the ring?

In Ohio, an individual will keep the ring whether or not the breakup is before or after marriage. An individual who legally owns the ring after the breakup may sell it if they choose not to keep it.

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