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Helping Spouses Agree to Divorce Terms

Her Lawyer attorneys | Los AngelesNot all marriages have to end badly. Spouses can avoid legal conflicts by settling divorce disputes outside of court. Mediation is a great way for spouses to amicably settle divorce terms like child custody, child support, property division, and spousal support. In court, spouses are pitted against each other and often end up wasting time, money, and energy. In mediation, spouses can affordably and amicably reach divorce agreements without battling in court. At Her Lawyer, we proudly help spouses reach fair and friendly divorce agreements. Our experienced divorce mediation lawyers help divorcing spouses resolve conflicts throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Schedule your free consultation with one of our San Francisco Divorce Mediation Attorneys today!

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Why Choose Her Lawyer?

At Her Lawyer, our team takes the time and effort to understand every aspect of your unique situation. We understand that every divorce calls for its own solution, so your mediation lawyer will develop a mediation process personalized for you. Although Her Lawyer proudly defends women in legal disputes, we recognize mediation as a setting for fair and equal discussions. Both male and female clients thank our attorneys for their fairness and objectivity. Our impartial mediation attorneys specialize in helping spouses resolve divorce conflicts.

What is divorce mediation in San Francisco?

Mediation is a process by which a neutral, third-party helps two parties settle disputes. In divorce mediation, spouses sit down with an impartial mediator to reach a divorce agreement. Spouses in San Francisco typically seek mediation to avoid court and amicably resolve divorce disputes.

San Francisco Divorce Mediation Process

The divorce mediation process in San Francisco involves three steps: an initial meeting, negotiations between spouses, and the settlement process. Mediation sessions usually last between 2-3 hours, but you and your spouse may require multiple sessions before an agreement can be reached.

1. First Session

In the first meeting, your mediator will explain that they must remain fair and impartial throughout the mediation process. Each party can bring their own attorney and ask the mediator questions about the process itself.

2. Negotiations

Negotiations will begin with a dispute being presented, and each spouse will propose their resolution to said dispute. These disputes can involve child custody, support, or asset separation, among other topics. With the counsel of their respective attorneys, spouses will negotiate and compromise until an agreement can be reached. If spouses are having trouble reaching an agreement, the mediator may make a proposed settlement, and each party can revise the proposed settlement until they are both satisfied.

If mediation turns into a shouting match, the mediator can arrange private meetings with each spouse and will move back and forth between meeting rooms with proposed settlements. An experienced mediator will find a way to ensure you and your spouse resolve divorce disputes in mediation.

3. Settlement

Once spouses have agreed to divorce terms, the mediation attorney can draft the final divorce agreement and file it with a San Francisco court, along with the necessary divorce forms. A judge may then order the final divorce judgment, granting your divorce.

Is Divorce Mediation Right For You?

While mediation can help couples settle divorce terms amicably, it may not be the right option for all spouses. You and your spouse must be willing to civilly negotiate divorce terms; you’ll both need to let go of spite and focus on collaboratively building a better future. Nonetheless, couples find themselves working out disputes in mediation that they presumed would be fought in court to the bitter end. A knowledgeable mediator can foster the right conditions and setting for you and your spouse to resolve tough divorce disputes. If you and your spouse are willing to resolve divorce disputes with the help of a competent mediator, then divorce mediation may be right for you.

How Can A San Francisco Divorce Mediation Lawyer Help Me?

For divorce mediation to be successful, it’s important to hire an experienced mediator that knows how to help you and your spouse reach a fair divorce agreement. In addition to the mediator, you should hire your own divorce lawyer to protect your rights in mediation. The mediation attorney can help you and your spouse settle divorce terms, then draft a final divorce agreement that reflects your negotiations. Then, the lawyer can file the divorce agreement, along with other divorce paperwork, for you with the court. If the paperwork is properly completed and fair, a judge will decree a final divorce judgment, granting your divorce. One of our San Francisco Divorce Mediation Attorneys can help your and your spouse reach a fair divorce agreement.

Divorce Mediation – Attorney Principles

Staying Unbiased

As trusted mediators, we must remain unbiased throughout the entire mediation process. Your divorce mediation lawyer will not pick favorites or choose sides; their sole purpose will be to impartially help you and your spouse reach a fair divorce agreement. Our mediators help spouses settle divorce terms amicably throughout San Francisco and the State of California.

Resolving Divorce Terms in Mediation

Too often, divorce disputes get drawn into court and end up wasting each spouse’s time, money, and energy. Our mediation lawyers are proud to help spouses reach divorce agreements outside of court. Your mediation attorney will do everything in their power to facilitate productive negotiations and discussions between spouses. We help spouses resolve divorce terms in mediation throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Your Case In Unique

Your divorce is unique. It’s your mediator’s job to create a mediation process that meets your specific needs and preferences. At Her Lawyer, our experienced mediation lawyers adapt to their client’s unique situation. Your mediator will do everything in their ability to conduct fair and productive conversations between you and your spouse.

Free Consultation With a San Francisco Divorce Mediation Attorney

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