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Settling Divorce Terms Amicably

Her Lawyer attorneys | Los AngelesSpouses that want to avoid the complications of a nasty, drawn-out divorce can reach a fair divorce agreement in mediation. Mediation is a great way for spouses to amicably settle divorce terms like child custody, child support, property division, and spousal support outside of court. A divorce mediation attorney can help you and your spouse settle divorce terms, protect your rights in negotiation, and draft a final divorce agreement. The best way to reach a fair divorce agreement is to hire an experienced divorce mediation attorney. Her Lawyer’s divorce mediation attorneys help spouses settle divorce terms throughout San Diego County. Get connected to an attorney with a San Diego Divorce Mediation Attorney today!

Why Choose Her Lawyer?

At Her Lawyer, our mediation attorneys specialize in helping spouses reach a fair divorce agreement. We take the time to understand our client’s situation and will develop a mediation process that fits your specific needs. Although Her Lawyer is a law firm for women, our mediators remain impartial throughout the entire mediation process. However, women can choose to hire a divorce mediation attorney to protect their rights in mediation. Our attorneys can either mediate your session or protect your rights in mediation. At Her Lawyer, we make divorce simple and affordable.

Our San Diego mediation attorneys help spouses and parents reach agreements in the following legal areas:

What is divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation is the process of spouses sitting down with an impartial, third-party mediator to settle divorce terms outside of court. Experienced divorce mediators facilitate productive conversations between spouses with the intention of agreeing to divorce terms. Many spouses find mediation to be a great way to settle divorce terms amicably while saving lots of time and money.

Stages of Divorce Mediation

1. Initial Meeting

In your first meeting, the mediator will explain their role and that they must remain neutral throughout the entire mediation process. Spouses can ask the mediator some general questions and give a brief introduction to the topics they’d like to address.

2. Negotiation

The negotiation process begins with each spouse explaining their respective solutions to a given dispute, like property division or child custody terms. Spouses will present their ideal divorce terms and compromise until an agreement is reached.

If the spouses end up in gridlock and are having trouble compromising, the mediator can make a proposition. Each party can revise this proposition bit by bit until both spouses can agree on a settlement. Or, both parties and the mediator can brainstorm solutions until they come up with one that works for them. If the mediation session turns into a shouting match, the mediator can individually meet with each spouse and relay negotiations between the parties.

3. Settlement

Once the spouses have agreed to divorce terms, the divorce mediation attorney can draft a final divorce agreement. Your attorney can then revise the document as needed and file it with the court on your behalf, finalizing the divorce. It’s that simple.

Is Mediation Right For You?

Many spouses wonder if mediation is the right option for them. Spouses may feel as though mediation will be a waste of time, or worry that their rights may be jeopardized. Understand that you can protect your rights in mediation and reach an agreement with the help of your own divorce mediation attorney. If you and your spouse want to civilly settle divorce disputes outside of court, then divorce mediation may be right for you.

Child Custody Mediation in San Diego

Our attorneys also perform child custody mediation in San Diego. Child custody mediation is a great way for spouses to work out custody and visitation disputes outside of the courtroom. Child custody disputes can become messy in a courtroom, pitting parents against each other. At Her Lawyer, our attorneys can help you and your child’s parent settle custody disputes in San Diego child custody mediation.

Mediation – Attorney Principles

Staying Neutral

As mediators, our job is to help spouses reach a fair divorce agreement. That requires us to stay neutral. Our mediation attorneys do not take sides or choose favorites. Our job is not to make decisions for you, but to help you and your spouse make decisions for yourselves.

Reaching Fair Divorce Terms

Our attorneys take pride in their work; to help spouses move on with their lives amicably is what gives us purpose. Divorce is a time of change; let us help you grow, not spend your time in court fighting your spouse. Our divorce mediation attorneys successfully help spouses settle divorce terms fairly in San Diego.

An Individualized Approach

We recognize that every divorce calls for its own style of mediation. Our experienced divorce mediators adapt to the needs and preferences of their clients. It’s crucial to find an attorney with experience in mediating your type of legal matter.

Free Consultation With a San Diego Divorce Mediation Attorney

If you need a divorce mediation attorney in San Diego, contact us. We’ll connect you with the most qualified mediation attorney for your unique legal situation. Get connected to an attorney with a San Diego Divorce Mediation Attorney today!

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