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Defending Women’s Rights in Family Law

5 white eggs stare at a brown egg discriminatorily | Female Employment Discrimination Attorneys for Women in California | Her LawyerFamily law is a broad section of legal practice that includes any matter involving one’s family. Common areas of family law include child custody, child support, divorce, mediation, judgment enforcement, domestic violence, and spousal support. If you’re in a family law dispute, it’s crucial to protect your rights as a woman. Based on your family legal situation, you have certain rights. To best exercise these rights, hire an experienced family law attorney. Our San Bernardino lawyers specialize in defending women’s rights in family law. Legal disputes involving one’s family can be especially emotional, so its important to hire an attorney that you trust and feel comfortable with. Based on your needs and preferences, we’ll match you with the right lawyer. Get connected to an attorney with one of our San Bernardino Family Law Attorneys today!

Our family law attorneys operate throughout San Bernardino County, California in:

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Why Choose Her Lawyer?

Her Lawyer was founded to serve women in need of legal assistance. We recognized the challenges women without legal representation may face in family legal disputes, and decided to do something about it. Our attorneys proudly defend women’s rights in family law matters.

Our San Bernardino attorneys specialize in the following areas of family law:

Our Areas of Specialization in Family Law

Child Custody and Visitation in San Bernardino

Child custody is a parent’s legal right and obligation to be physically and legally responsible for a child. Inland Empire judges make child custody and visitation orders that they believe will uphold the child’s best interests. A lawyer can help you establish or enforce a child custody and visitation order. One of our San Bernardino family law attorneys can defend your custody and visitation rights as a mother.

Child Support in San Bernardino

Judges in San Bernardino commonly award child support in divorce matters. A child support order legally obligates a noncustodial parent to financially support their child after a divorce. Child support payments are paid to custodial parents with the sole purpose of financially supporting the child. If a person paying support (PPS) violates an existing child support order, custodial parents do have legal recourse. A family law attorney can help you enforce a child support order in San Bernardino. If you’re in a child support dispute, know that there is legal help for you. A skilled family lawyer from Her Lawyer can help you win your child support case in San Bernardino.

Divorce in San Bernardino

While many legal areas of divorce and family law overlap, they are not the same thing. Family law and divorce law are very similar, except family lawyers tend to also focus on legal matters outside of divorce. An experienced family law attorney can defend you in divorce disputes involving custody, support, or asset separation.

Domestic Violence in San Bernardino

If you’re a victim of domestic violence, it’s crucial that you seek help immediately. For example, a family lawyer can help you file a restraining order with a San Bernardino court. Matters involving domestic violence can be complicated and easily misconstrued, so it’s important to hire a lawyer that knows how to properly defend you. One of our family law attorneys can protect your rights as a female victim of domestic violence.

Judgment Enforcement in San Bernardino

Judgment enforcement in family law is the process of enforcing a court order relating to family law. Parents or spouses may seek to enforce a custody, child support, or alimony judgment. One of our lawyers in San Bernardino can help you enforce a family law judgment.

Mediation in San Bernardino

In mediation, a neutral, third-party helps conflicting parties resolve disputes outside of court. Mediation is commonly used by spouses or parents to work out issues like divorce or child custody. If you’re going to mediation, you’ll need to secure your rights. A San Bernardino family lawyer can protect your rights in mediation.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements in San Bernardino

Spouses can sign a written agreement that designates how property will be divided in the event of a divorce. This contract is called a prenuptial agreement when signed before marriage, and a postnuptial agreement when signed after marriage. A family law attorney can help you create and sign a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in San Bernardino.

Spousal Support in San Bernardino

Spousal support, also called alimony, is commonly awarded to spouses by San Bernardino courts. A spousal support order legally obligates a spouse to financially support a lower-earning spouse post-divorce. Alimony orders can seriously affect spouses; spousal support payments typically comprise nearly 30-50% of a PPS’s income. If you’re in a dispute over spousal support, it’s crucial to have legal representation. One of our San Bernardino family law attorneys with specialized experience defending spousal support rights can help you win your alimony case.

How Can A San Bernardino Family Law Attorney Help Me?

Family law disputes are serious, and a judge’s ruling can define your rights for a given issue. Without a lawyer that has a detailed understanding of California’s family code, your rights may be jeopardized. A skilled family law attorney can protect your rights in matters like child custody, mediation, divorce, support, and judgment enforcement. Uniquely, our lawyers specialize in protecting women’s rights in family law matters.

Family Law – Attorney Principles

Defending Your Rights

As trusted lawyers, our job is to defend your legal rights. Our attorneys acknowledge the unique challenges women may face in legal disputes involving one’s family. As we specialize in understanding women’s rights in family law, we can best serve you. Our passionate attorneys proudly defend women’s rights in family law throughout San Bernardino County.

Approaching Emotional Matters With Care

Family matters can be extremely emotional; it’s important that your attorney approaches your case with care and understanding. Our attorneys the struggles and hardships of a legal matter involving one family. Your divorce lawyer will handle your case with confidence, discretion, and expertise.

Your Case Is Unique

Every legal matter requires its own solution. Our team will devote themselves to understanding the circumstances of your unique situation. Then, we’ll get you in toucan with the most qualified lawyer for your unique case. Your lawyer will create a strong legal plan that meets your needs and preferences.

Free Consultation With a San Bernardino Family Law Attorney

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