In California, you can get a motorcycle license if you are above the age of 16 and have completed all of the necessary requirements to obtain a license. Here’s everything you need to know about what to do after a motorcycle accident in California.

If a motorcycle accident occurs, you must stay on the scene, call the police, and collect as much information from the scene of the crash as possible. You should contact your insurance and seek an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer after a motorcycle accident to protect your rights and finances throughout the process.

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Motorcycle Laws in California

In California, you must be 15.5 years old to obtain a motorcycle permit. You must have a motorcycle permit for at least 6 months before getting a motorcycle license if you are under the age of 21. You must be 16 years old to apply for a motorcycle license once you have had your permit for 6 months. You must complete the California Motorcyclist Safety Program, take a written exam, a vision exam, and a skills exam before the state will give you a motorcycle license.

Under California law, you must wear a helmet if you are a driver or a passenger while riding a motorcycle. A passenger may ride on a motorcycle if they have their own seat and they are tall enough that their feet reach the footrests. In California, you must be insured if you are operating a motorcycle. Your motorcycle must have mirrors on both sides, a muffler, and turn signals. All other laws are synonymous with the laws of operating a motor vehicle in California.

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Follow these steps if you get in a motorcycle accident in California:

1. Stay on the Scene and Call the Police

If you are physically able to, do not leave the scene of the accident until you gather all the information you need and the police arrive at the scene. If you are hurt, go to the hospital to get the physical help you need immediately. You may face charges for fleeing the scene of an accident if you leave before the police arrive. You need to gather all information at the scene to determine accurate details from the accident.

2. Gather All Information from the Accident

If the accident involves another vehicle, you must get the other driver’s license and insurance information and provide the other driver with yours. If the accident has any witnesses, ask for their name and contact information so they can describe how they saw the accident to a judge if needed.

3. Take Pictures of the Scene

Take pictures of everything on the scene so you can prove it. Take pictures of each vehicle’s damage, injuries you may have, and the entire scene around where the accident occurred.

4. Contact Your Insurance

You must report the accident to your insurance in full detail. Your insurance can protect you if you disclose all of the information about the accident. Do not contact the other driver’s insurance because they can use your statement against you when filing insurance claims. You may contact the other driver’s insurance for property damage concerns.

5. Hire an Attorney

You should hire a motorcycle accident attorney to assist you after a motorcycle accident. A motorcycle accident attorney can help you file an insurance claim and receive compensation for the damages from the accident.

FAQs About Motorcycle Accidents in California

How will a court decide who is at fault in the accident?

Courts will determine all of the factors of the accident based on the evidence all parties collect at the scene. The courts will use the information both drivers provide to their insurance companies to determine if one driver was at fault.

Can I ride a motorcycle on my own with a motorcycle permit?

An individual can ride a motorcycle alone with a motorcycle permit anywhere besides the freeway unless it is after dark.

What if I get in a motorcycle accident with a motorcycle permit?

If a child gets into a motorcycle accident with a motorcycle permit, they should be under their parents’ insurance. The child’s parents can disclose all of the information about the accident to their insurance to receive protection and compensation.

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