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Solving Divorce, Peacefully

Her Lawyer attorneys | Los Angeles​Some spouses that want to avoid the complications of a nasty divorce can choose to reach an agreement. Couples that want to settle divorce terms outside of the courtroom can do so in mediation. Divorce mediation is a common, effective way for spouses to reach a divorce agreement amicably. Mediation is a great way for divorcing spouses to amicably solve issues like child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division. A divorce mediation attorney can mediate divorce negotiations, protect your rights, and draft a final divorce agreement. Contact Her Lawyer to get in touch with one of our Los Angeles Divorce Mediation Attorneys who can help you reach a divorce agreement outside of court. Her Lawyer’s experienced mediators operate throughout Los Angeles.

What is divorce mediation?

In divorce mediation, a neutral, third-party mediator helps spouses agree to terms like child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division. Divorce mediators help facilitate civil and productive negotiations between spouses. The mediator has no legal authority to make decisions on the couple’s behalf; they only help spouses reach a divorce agreement.

Why Choose Her Lawyer?

At Her Lawyer, our divorce mediation attorneys take the time and care to understand their client’s legal situation. We understand that every divorce requires its own unique solution. While we take pride in helping women through legal situations, mediation is a place to treat both spouses equally and fairly. Mediation is a way for a marriage to end peacefully while saving both spouses endless time, stress, and money. Her Lawyer’s skilled Los Angeles Divorce Mediation Attorneys make divorce simple and affordable.

Divorce Mediation Process in Los Angeles

There are four steps to the divorce mediation process in Los Angeles. The entire mediation process could take anywhere from one to a few sessions to reach an agreement. It’s up to the spouses to decide.

1. First Meeting

At the first meeting, your mediator will explain their roles in detail and state that they must remain impartial throughout the entire process. Spouses can ask the mediator some preliminary questions about the mediation process itself.

2. Opening Statements

In opening statements, spouses explain their disputes and present their respective resolutions. These statements can involve specific divorce matters like asset separation, child custody, and visitation, etc..

3. Negotiation

In negotiations, spouses present their preferred terms and compromise to reach mutually satisfactory divorce terms. If the spouses are having trouble reach an agreement, the mediator can present a settlement, which each party can revise until they both agree. All three parties can brainstorm solutions and examine what works best for the spouses. If unnecessary arguing is likely to arise in mediation, each spouse can meet separately with the mediator, who acts as an intermediary between the spouses.

4. Settlement

Once you’ve reached a settlement in mediation, your mediation attorney can draft your final divorce agreement and submit it to the court on your behalf.

Is Mediation Right For You?

Spouses that want to avoid a nasty divorce find mediation to be a great way to settle divorce conflicts. Along with other countless benefits, mediation gives YOU the power, not a judge in court. With the help of an experienced mediator, spouses can take control over their own futures and collaboratively reach an agreement rather than arguing in court. Out-of-court negotiations save spouses the high financial and personal cost of the divorce trial. If you and your spouse are willing to work together and compromise to reach an out-of-court settlement, divorce mediation may be right for you.

How Can A Los Angeles Divorce Mediation Attorney Help Me?

A divorce mediation attorney can help you and your spouse reach a divorce agreement outside of court. Unlike regular mediators, divorce mediation attorneys have both the legal expertise and personal understanding of how to handle a divorce. This can save you tons of time, stress, and money. After you’ve settled terms in mediation, your mediation attorney can draft and file the final divorce agreement. A spouse can also hire an attorney to protect their rights in mediation. If you’re looking to settle your divorce out-of-court in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley, one of our divorce mediation attorneys can help you reach a divorce agreement in mediation.

Divorce Mediation – Attorney Principles

Remaining Impartial

As experienced mediators, we must remain neutral. Our duty will be to help facilitate productive conversations between spouses; we don’t take sides. Your mediator won’t be biased or make decisions on your behalf; they’ll only help you and your spouse settle divorce terms. Our divorce mediation attorneys help couples throughout the State of California solve their divorce peacefully.

Reaching a Fair Agreement

At Her Lawyer, we take pride in helping countless couples successfully reach fair divorce agreements. Too many divorces end up in nasty conflict simply because spouses were unwilling to compromise, or because they had a terrible mediator that made matters worse. To ensure our clientele’s satisfaction, every divorce mediation attorney in Her Lawyer’s network has at least five years of specialized experience. We’ll help you and your spouse reach a fair divorce agreement.

Individualized Help

When using a divorce mediation attorney to settle divorce terms, it’s important to choose one with experience in your legal matter. When you contact Her Lawyer, we’ll ask you a few questions about your legal matter. Then, we’ll match you with the most qualified mediation attorney for you in Los Angeles. It’s that simple.

Free Consultation With a Los Angeles Divorce Mediation Attorney

If you’re looking for a divorce mediation attorney in Los Angeles, contact us. One of our experienced Los Angeles Divorce Mediation Attorneys can help you and your spouse amicably reach a divorce agreement. We’ll get you in touch with the most qualified mediation attorney for your needs and preferences. Your first consultation is free. We’re here to help you 24/7.

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