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Defending Mothers’ Custody Rights in Long Beach

5 white eggs stare at a brown egg discriminatorily | Female Employment Discrimination Attorneys for Women in California | Her LawyerSadly, women in Long Beach, California, lose custody of their children because they didn’t have the right attorney to represent them. If you’re in a child custody dispute, it’s important to hire an attorney that you trust and feel comfortable with. Your lawyer should have vast experience in successfully handling child custody disputes. At Her Lawyer, our experienced, affordable child custody attorneys specialize in defending mothers’ custody rights. Get your free consultation with one of our Long Beach Child Custody Attorneys for Mothers in California today!

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Her Lawyer was founded for one purpose: to serve women in need of legal help. It’s what we do. Our team will handle your case with the attention, care, and skill you so deserve. When you contact us either online or by phone, we’ll want to know a bit about your case. Based on your unique needs and preferences, we’ll match you with the right attorney that understands how to handle your legal matter. Our attorneys in Long Beach specialize in protecting mothers’ custody rights. Legal help is only a call or click away.

How Is Child Custody Determined In Long Beach, California?

Under California law, judges in Long Beach must consider a multitude of factors when determining a child custody order, including:

  • The best interests of the child
  • Each parent’s record of substance abuse
  • Each parent’s record of domestic violence
  • Each parent’ parental fitness
  • The child’s desires (if the child is over the age of 12)

One of our child custody attorneys in Long Beach can help you keep custody of your child.

Types of Custody

Under California law and procedure, child custody is separated into two legal categories: legal custody and physical custody of a child.

Legal Child Custody

Legal child custody is a parent’s legal right and responsibility to make significant decisions on a child’s behalf. Parents can have either joint or sole legal custody of a child, meaning that either one or both parents can make major decisions for a child.

Physical Child Custody

Physical child custody is a parent’s right and responsibility to physically care for a child. Physical custody terms who a child will stay with and for how long. Parents can have either joint, primary, or sole custody of their child.

How Can A Long Beach Child Custody Attorney Help Me?

Child custody and visitation orders determine a parent’s right to see their child. In court or mediation, each parent can make their case to a judge about why they believe they should have custody of a child. Without the help of a knowledgeable attorney, your custody and visitation rights may be jeopardized in front of a judge. Too often, mothers lose custody of their children because they didn’t hire the right lawyer to represent them. An experienced child custody attorney can help you obtain or enforce a child custody order in Long Beach, California.

Child Custody – Attorney Principles

Protecting Your Custody Rights

As child custody lawyers, our duty is to defend your custody rights. As a mother, you are entitled to certain rights and privileges under California law. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you exercise these rights. Contact us to get a passionate lawyer that will fiercely defend your custody rights as a mother.

Preserving the Child’s Best Interests

The ultimate goal of a custody and visitation order is to uphold the child’s best interests. And that includes making sure that your custody rights are protected. An experienced child custody lawyer will prove that the child’s best interests will be most upheld in your care.

On Your Side

We recognize the special challenges mothers may face in custody disputes. You may know that your child will be best cared for under your custody, but others may be trying to take away your parental rights. Without legal help, your right to see and care for your child may be jeopardized. At Her Lawyer, our attorneys protect mothers’ rights in child custody disputes throughout Los Angeles. We’re on your side.

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