Kotex Tampon customers may be eligible for compensation. Here’s everything you need to know about Kotex tampon damages and lawsuits.

In April 2020, Kimberely-Clark Worldwide Inc. was found to have made and sold defective U by Kotex tampons. They were sued for a settlement agreement totaling $7,000,000 that will pay customers who bought their defective products. However, there are qualifications that a customer needs to be eligible for a settlement reimbursement from a Kotex Tampon damages lawsuit.

Why Is There a Lawsuit Against U by Kotex Tampons

The Kotex Tampon manufacturers recalled many of their products after finding that they were made incorrectly and defective. The tampons were found to leave pieces of plastic inside of the user’s body. The lawsuit was ultimately brought against U by Kotex Tampons for users having to attend the hospital for removal of leftover pieces, as they present serious health risks such as infection, vaginal irritation, and injury. Since the settlement has been decided, there have been over 439,000 authorized claimants. Additionally, the settlement will provide $7,000,000 for all claimants.

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How to Qualify for a Kotex Damages or Lawsuit

For a customer to qualify for a Kotex claim settlement, they must be able to prove that they bought one or more boxes of U by Kotex products. Additionally, customers must have bought one or more of the following specific products that were released between March 8, 2013, and November 19, 2019:

  • U by Kotex Sleek Tampons
  • U by Kotex Fitness Tampons
  • U by Kotex Click Tampons
  • Regular U by Kotex Security Tampons
  • Super U by Kotex Security Tampons
  • Super-Plus Absorbency U by Kotex Security Tampons

Customers do not have to show proof of purchase to receive their reimbursement.

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If a customer is still unsure if they qualify for a settlement, there are several ways that they can Settlement Administrator:

  • By reaching their contact option on their website.
  • By calling the toll free number (888)-484-0034
  • By mailing any questions to Moore v. Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Inc., Kotex Settlement Administrator, P.O. Box 8612, Philadelphia, PA 19101-8612

What Damage Reimbursement Can Kotex Customers Receive

Each customer can be eligible for $6 in cash for each box of the listed tampons purchased between March 8, 2013, and November 19, 2019. They can receive up to a maximum of $30 cash if there is no proof of purchase by the customer. However, if the customer can provide proof of purchase, then they can receive up to $130 cash. The Settlement Administrator has concluded that each claim’s reimbursement will be about $3.23 per box of the product purchased.

However, the claims deadline was 8/18/2020. If you have received a check for the settlement, it is necessary to have cashed or deposited it within 120 days of the date on the check or by April 20, 2021. If a claimant was issued a check at this time and did not cash or deposit it within this timeframe, it will be deemed void. Furthermore, they will not be eligible for a new check or any further settlement. Each customer can learn more about their settlement for the damages here.

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