Just Divorced My Husband: Next Steps

Regardless of the period of life a woman is in, a divorce can have a major impact. Reaching the decision to divorce a husband is not easy, but it is important for the newly divorced woman to recognize her strength and the progress she has made. This next chapter of life can be one of positive change, new beginnings, and opportunities for fulfillment. There will be easy days, and there will be hard days that follow, but one thing remains certain: the newly divorced woman is strong and can reclaim any aspect of her life that she chooses. All of this can be determined through her approach and by making the first step forward. It all begins today! Here are some tips on how to answer the question: “I just divorced my husband. Now what?”

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Taking the First Step

The papers have been signed. A new phase in life has begun. This may be hard to digest. Completing the divorce process may bring forth many mixed emotions; memories with their children, infectious laughter on their first date, loss, heartbreak. This flurry of emotions may be at bay one day and in full swing the next. We are all human, and this is okay. A day-by-day approach may be helpful, followed by a one-step-at-a-time approach to her growth and reclaimed identity as a newly divorced woman.

Examples of Steps to Take

It may be difficult for the newly divorced woman to grapple with her feelings after her marriage has ended. She may be unable to pinpoint her emotions, or she may be elated. She may feel lost or lonely in one moment, and relieved and free in the next. Healing is not linear, and neither is life. Life is a beautiful opportunity to create new paths, reroute old ones, meet new people, and cherish age-old friendships. The newly divorced woman can take these initial moments as a time to reconnect with family, call up a childhood friend, or spend more time with her children.

These steps can be followed in any order, can be skipped, or can be repeated. If they help, share them with others. We are all on this journey of life together. Beautiful moments will come again after the bumps in the road.

  1. Spend time with family and friends.
  2. Take up a new or old hobby.
  3. Go on a day trip to a new place.
  4. Make something fun for dinner with the children.
  5. Maintain physical health.
  6. Check-in on mental health and wellbeing.
  7. Listen to a favorite song, album, or artist.
  8. Embrace emotions when they come.
  9. Work on positive self-talk.
  10. Have a conversation with a trusted person.
  11. Watch a new reality television show.
  12. Take pictures of moments to remember.
  13. Take time for oneself to reflect and plan ahead.
  14. If needed, seek closure on the marriage in whatever way feels best.

In addition to these steps, and many others that may help a woman enter into her new stage of life post-divorce, it is also important to acknowledge that closure may come with time––especially if there are children involved and he or she is paying alimony to the other. Even if she is confident in her decision to divorce, change can still be hard. However, with time change can bring forth wonderful new adventures and perspectives.

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