Applying for a job and curious as to whether your potential employer has the ability to make you take a drug test? Here is everything you need to know about job applicants being required to take drug tests.

In California, courts have ruled that employers have the ability to require drug testing as part of the application process only if every applicant is required to take a drug test.

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How does a drug test for a job work?

A drug test for a job usually consists of a urine test which tests for illegal drug or alcohol use. A urinalysis can show indications of drug residue that may remain in the body after the effects of the drug have worn off.

Do jobs drug test on the same day as the job interview?

Most companies do not drug test on the same day as the job interview. Usually, the potential employee has 48 hours to return the completed drug test and move forward with the application process.

Do you get drug tested before a job offer?

Most well-known and established companies require potential employees to undergo a drug test before finalizing the job offer.

Is it best to refuse a drug test or fail the drug test?

It is often thought that it is in one’s best interest to take the drug test rather than refuse it. Refusing the drug test is often equated to a positive drug test result, thus making it in the employee’s best interest to take the test regardless.

What happens if an employee refuses a drug test?

It depends on the company’s policy on how to respond to an employee refusing a drug test. Often, such an action can result in disciplinary action or one being dismissed.

Can one be fired for failing a drug test?

It is at the discretion of the employer whether or not to fire someone for failing a drug test. Previous employers do not have the right to disclose information from an employee’s previous drug tests.

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