Leaving an abusive husband can be difficult and scary. Here are some suggestions to help a woman navigate how to leave an abusive husband.

Emotional, verbal, and physical abuse of any form is not okay nor acceptable, especially from someone a woman has grown to love and trust. The feelings of betrayal, heartbreak, devastation, and fatigue that may arise from an abusive relationship can be challenging to work through–– but is most important for a woman experiencing this to remember that she is loved, worthy, and she is so much stronger than she may realize. It is equally critical for those around her to support her through this situation and to respect her and what she is comfortable sharing.

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Identifying Abuse

If a woman identifies that her husband is acting abusive toward her, this is not her fault, even if this realization is hard to reach. No human should be mistreated or degraded in any way, and there are resources and people available to help her out of this challenging situation. Abuse may be difficult to identify, yet any instance where she feels her wellbeing and safety is being compromised at the hands of her partner can be an indicator of an abusive relationship.

An abusive partner may be psychologically or physically harming someone they claim to love, which is not fair nor appropriate. Ending the relationship may be easier said than done, especially if their husband is acting violently and the woman is in fear for her safety. Keeping track of a partner’s unhealthy behaviors, trying not to take the blame, and acknowledging that the decision on how to move forward is hers to make are some ways a woman can approach this situation in her life. It does not define her, nor is it her fault. There are solutions available, but it is most important for herself and those who love her to help her choose an option that works best for her. Conversations can continue to keep her safe, and a plan can be reached if she decides to leave.

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Possible Next Steps

If a woman has identified abuse in her marriage and decides to move forward with separation or divorce, a great first step can be to consult the California Courts Self-Help page, which is linked here. On this site, women can learn more about initiating the divorce, legal separation, or annulment process. There is also information available about property and debt during a divorce, and child custody and child support if there are children involved.

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Additional Resources

Some resources that are available to help can be found here:

If a woman has decided to prosecute her abusive husband, this website from the California Courts Judicial Branch expresses what domestic violence is, provides options on possible restraining orders to place, the tenets of what these restraining orders cover, the steps of the restraining order process, and additional resources to help.

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