What You Need to Know About Gross Negligence in Nursing

Gross negligence is a heightened degree of negligence that occurs when a lack of care or disregard for the safety of the lives of others causes injuries or damages. Gross negligence can occur in nursing. Here is everything you need to know about gross negligence in nursing and immunity from incompetence.

Gross Negligence Applied in Nursing

In nursing, gross negligence refers to conduct so reckless that the mistake can be obvious to someone without medical training. Some states allow medical malpractice lawsuits to be grounded in gross negligence.

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Examples Of Gross Negligence In Nursing

Gross negligence in nursing refers to reckless mistakes made by professionals that are obvious to those without medical training.

Examples of gross negligence in healthcare include:

  • Amputating the wrong limb
  • Leaving a surgical instrument inside a cavity of a patient.

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Are Healthcare Nurses Immune from Incompetence?

Whether a nurse is immune from incompetence can vary from state to state. For example, California law states no nurse will be immune from incompetence if they were proven to be grossly negligent. When a nurse is proven to be grossly negligent in California, the nurse’s license can be revoked. The nurse can also face 3 years of probation.

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