Damaged vehicles and windshield and glass repairs are the two types of auto claims one can file. Here’s everything you need to know about how to file a car accident claim with Progressive.

Progressive prides itself on making auto insurance claims easy to file, with representatives ready to help throughout the whole process and ensure repairs are handled quickly and efficiently.

Steps to Filing an Auto Claim

1. Submit your claim

One can file their claim through Progressive’s mobile app, online, or on the phone (1-800-776-4737). The insurer may ask for any basic information regarding the crash, such as any pictures taken of the damage. Progressive connects customers with the right experts to ensure everything goes smoothly. One can contact a claim representative if they have any questions throughout the process and work with an estimator who will inspect the vehicle and write an estimate describing the cost of repairs.

2. Review your policy’s coverages and deductible selections

Understanding how one is covered by insurance is essential to ensure that they are getting the most out of their coverage. Everyone should check their policy’s coverage after an accident to understand their situation better. For example, one can save on a rental car upon learning that they have rental car reimbursement coverage.

3. Inspection and repair options

A representative may ask if a customer wants to complete repairs or receive a payment. To help make this decision, one can first get an estimate to see how much repairs will cost or what payments will look like for repairs.

If one finances or leases the car, the lender may require the car to be repaired. If one chooses not to get repairs, Progressive may simply send a payment to the insured for the cost of damages, which completes the process.

If the insured customer gets repairs, they can choose any of Progressive’s network shop locations. A representative can alternatively schedule time for an estimator to inspect the vehicle at the shop of the customer’s choice, or at a Progressive drive-in location (where available).

If a car is a total loss (unrepairable), Progressive handles claims differently.

4. Schedule your repairs

After a car accident, the insurance company appoints an adjuster, or multiple adjusters, to investigate the claim. Usually, an adjuster contacts the insured within one to three days of claim filing. The adjuster arranges an inspection, assesses the damage of the car, and/or addresses any personal injury claims. Adjusters also analyze police reports and interview witnesses to the accident.

5. Your car is repaired

Regardless of which shop one chooses, Progressive manages the repairs from beginning to end. When everything is complete, all one has to do is pick up their newly repaired vehicle and go. When the insured customer uses a shop in Progessive’s approved network, repairs are guaranteed for as long as one owns or leases the vehicle impacted.

If the damaged car is beyond repair, the insurer may cut the customer/their lender a check for the value of the vehicle, minus their deductible.

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FAQs About Filing a Car Insurance Claim

What basic information might someone’s insurance ask them when filing a claim?

An insurer will likely request the following details:

  • Location, date, and time of the accident
  • Name, address, phone number, and insurance policy number for all involved in the accident
  • Weather condition at the time of the accident
  • Photo(s) of the damaged vehicle(s)
  • Copies of the police and/or accident reports, if applicable.

Will rates increase after being involved in an accident?

Insurance rates may increase for the driver who is found at fault. One may avoid this increase if their insurance provides accident forgiveness.

Not all insurance providers increase rates for accidents where the insured was not at fault. Customers can contact their specific insurance to know what they offer. At Progressive, an at-fault accident may increase a rate by an average of 28% countrywide. Progressive offers accident forgiveness to their customers where their claim is less than $500.

What are some key terms one should know about their car insurance policy?

  • One may be able to save money after an accident when they understand these concepts and what their policy covers
  • If one has rental car reimbursement coverage, they are entitled to a rental vehicle while their car is being repaired
  • A car insurance deductible is an amount one will pay out of pocket on a covered claim
  • A coverage limit is the maximum dollar amount limit an insurer could payout in a certain category

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