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Fighting for Women’s Rights

Her Lawyer attorneys | Los AngelesUnfortunately, women still face unjust challenges in domestic violence, divorce, discrimination, education, reproductive rights, and criminal justice. Our skilled attorneys have dedicated themselves to advancing women’s rights in these areas. These matters are complex, and our women’s rights attorneys carry specialized expertise. Our attorneys focus on specific legal areas where women still face injustice and strive to eradicate this inequity. Her Lawyer’s attorneys protect and fight for women’s rights throughout the state of California.

Women’s Rights in Domestic Violence

In California alone, 40% of women have experienced domestic violence. If you’re a victim of domestic violence, don’t hesitate to get help. Her Lawyer’s skilled and passionate women’s rights attorneys approach every case with expertise, confidence, and discretion. To ensure our clientele’s satisfaction, every member attorney in Her Lawyer’s network undergoes gender sensitivity training and jas at least five years of specialized legal experience. Our women’s rights attorneys defend victims of domestic violence and pursue civil or criminal charges against abusers. No woman should feel unsafe in the presence of her “loved” ones. At Her Lawyer, our women’s rights attorneys defend female victims of domestic violence.

Women’s Rights in Divorce

Women going through a divorce should thoroughly understand their rights, or hire someone that does. Divorces can be extremely complicated, and spouses sometimes try to play dirty tricks to get ahead. You must feel comfortable with your lawyer. We understand that every divorce situation calls for uniquely effective actions, so we’ll connect you with the most qualified women’s rights attorney for your needs. Our passionate women’s rights attorneys carry expertise in every area of divorce, including child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division. Hire an attorney that thoroughly understands your rights as a woman in divorce.

Employment Discrimination Against Women

Unfortunately, 42% of women in the US have experienced employment discrimination. Sadly, women in the workplace still face sexual harassment, unequal pay, and wrongful termination. Our women’s rights attorneys recognize the unique challenges that women still face in the workplace and strive to end such injustice.

At Her Lawyer, our women’s rights attorneys specialize in employment discrimination and seek justice for victims of such discrimination. California and federal laws protect women in the workplace; female employees must exercise their employment rights. Our women’s rights attorneys protect and fight for female victims of employment discrimination.

Women’s Rights in Education

Federal and California laws protect women’s right to education and prohibit sex discrimination. Yet, women continue to face obstacles in their fight for equality. Sexist gender stereotypes often prevent women from educational activities considered “masculine” by patriarchal figures. Furthermore, parenting or pregnant students lack the support necessary to support both their studies and their children. Sadly, women often have to choose between their children and their education.

In educational institutions, women continue to face violence and harassment that hinders their access to quality education and opportunities. Her Lawyer’s women’s rights attorneys seek to eradicate gender biases and discrimination against women in education.

Women’s Reproductive Rights

Although abortion was federally legalized by Roe v. Wade, women’s reproductive rights remain jeopardized. Yet, women continue to fight for the right to govern their own bodies. Sexist institutions and figures seek to restrict women from making self-autonomous choices. Her Lawyer’s women’s reproductive rights lawyers strive for a society in which women can govern their own bodies without question.

Women’s Rights in Criminal Justice

Within recent years, the number of women captured by systemically racist and sexist justice systems has drastically increased. Women struggling with mental illness, sexual abuse, and substance addiction are apprehended by a criminal justice system that seeks to punish them rather than rehabilitate them. Our women’s rights lawyers carry specialized expertise in criminal defense and protect women’s rights in California’s criminal justice system.

Women’s Rights – Attorney Principles

Leveraging Law for Women

Considering the many challenges women still face, we created Her Lawyer to turn the tide. To strive towards a society free of discrimination, violence, and injustice against women. Our attorneys use their experience and legal expertise to protect women’s rights throughout the state of California.

We’re On Your Side

We understand the unique challenges women still unjustly face. Although Her Lawyer’s attorneys approach every case with expertise, passion, and discretion, we understand that you want to feel comfortable with your attorney. That’s why every member attorney in Her Lawyer’s network undergoes gender sensitivity training and carries at least five years of specialized practice.

Individualized Representation

We understand that no legal situation is the same, and every remedy should be personalized. Every unique situation calls for its own actions. Based on your legal situation, needs, and preferences, we’ll connect you with the most qualified attorney in your local area. At Her Lawyer, we understand that personal needs require personalized service; we will accommodate your preferences. At your request, we’ll get you in touch with one of our female attorneys for women.

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