Steps to Take if Your Divorce Lawyer is Not Fighting For You

Divorce can be incredibly difficult to navigate, and having a reliable attorney is crucial when trying to navigate the divorce process. Here is what to do if your divorce lawyer is not fighting for you.

Trying to determine whether or not a client’s attorney is significantly helping them in their divorce should not be complex. Every client deserves an effective attorney that supports them throughout their divorce and provides sufficient legal services. However, not every client ends up with a good lawyer to defend them in their divorce.

What To Do If Your Attorney Isn’t Fighting For You

Every client deserves to be rightly and fully supported by the attorney they hired. If you feel your attorney is not actively fighting for you throughout the divorce, there are options that are available to you. Here are some things you can do if your attorney is not making an effort to fight for you.

1. Communicate your feelings and discuss what you would like to change.

If you have come to the conclusion that your attorney is not fighting for you, there is always the option to express your feelings and attempt to work with them. If you determine that your attorney would value constructive criticism, do not hesitate to express your concerns regarding the case. Explain your priorities and how they are not being met, and cooperatively come up with a plan being forward where your needs are being met. Every client deserves an open line of communication with their divorce attorney, where both sides are clear on the expectations and goals of the case.

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2. Get a second opinion on how the attorney is not supporting you.

Although hiring a second attorney can seem like the least desirable option, seeking a second opinion from another attorney can be significantly less costly than it initially seems. Speaking to a second attorney about your case does not require you to pay them the full cost of hiring them, and the payment for an hour or two of consultation is relatively inexpensive. Another attorney’s opinion can be extremely helpful in determining whether your divorce attorney is effective, or if it would be more beneficial to dismiss them from the case. Additionally, speaking to a second attorney may provide the client with some insight on how things can be done differently, that they can always bring back to their current attorney and work on together.

3. Dismiss the attorney and seek better representation.

If the possibility of improvement does not seem like an option for you and your attorney, it is important to know that you have the power to fire them. Every client deserves an effective and reliable attorney, especially when trying to navigate a situation as difficult as divorce. Although it can be overwhelming to start searching for new representation in the duration of a divorce case, it is always better to search for a more effective attorney who will work in bringing you the best outcome in a case, rather than settling for an inadequate attorney who will cost you your priorities at the time of settlement.

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4. Know that you can sue the attorney for negligence.

The failure of an attorney during a divorce case can be substantial to a client. For example, if the attorney forgets to submit vital information for custody agreements, it could cost the client custody rights over their children. There is always the option to sue an attorney for professional negligence because it can cost a client significant losses in their life. Additionally, a client can sue an attorney for emotional as well as tangible damages. This may come in handy for any divorce clients, who may have to deal with the emotional as well as physical harms that come with the difficulty of divorce. Any client interested in learning more about their rights to sue a lawyer or the process can learn more here.

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