What You Need to Know About Common Types of Personal Injury Cases in California

Personal injury cases are prevalent and can arise from varying circumstances. Here’s what you need to know about common types of personal injury cases in California.

Some common types of personal injury cases in California can include dog bite injuries, electrical injuries, wrongful deaths, and miscarriages after an accident. Although many more kinds of personal injury cases exist, these are amongst the most common and are further discussed in detail below.

Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite injuries are a common type of personal injury in California. All states used to abide by the “one-bite” law, which follows that if a dog has no history of biting others and the dog owner is unaware of any dangers the dog may pose, courts will either take little or no action. This law essentially grants all dogs the ability to bite someone once without any legal repercussions. That being said, California no longer abides by the “one-bite” law, and thus aims to push dog owners to properly train their animals and refrain from adopting notoriously dangerous dogs.

California personal injury law demonstrates that dog owners are legally responsible for the actions of their dogs. Hence, dog owners can be found liable even if the dog that bit someone has no history of biting or aggressive behavior. To win a personal injury case, the dog bite victim must prove the dog belongs to the defendant and that the biting took place on public or private property that the plaintiff was permitted to access. Further, proof that the dog did indeed cause the injury should be provided. This statute will only be reconsidered if the bite took place as a consequence of the victim trespassing onto private property or if the dog was provoked (typically due to assumption of risk).

Electrical Injuries

One of the most common electrical injuries is electrocution burns. These burns happen as a consequence of electrical energy being converted into thermal energy, thus causing tissue injury and death. Electrocution burns are quite common and occur in about 3000 admissions to burn centers yearly. Furthermore, electrocution injuries comprise approximately 1000 cases of patient deaths each year. Moreover, most of these injuries take place in a work setting. Men are statistically more affected than women (9:1 ratio). All in all, electrical injuries are very common personal injury cases, as they are the leading cause of work-related passing.

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Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one can result in a wrongful death claim if the loved one lost his or her life as a consequence of negligent conduct, intentional harm, or both. Wrongful death claims often lead to compensation, as those related to the deceased party often suffer different forms of loss, such as the removal of a primary income. Thus, the family of the decedent can be financially compensated in a way that makes their lifestyle comparable to living conditions prior to a loved one’s wrongful death. This compensation can be provided to spouses and children of the deceased party. Wrongful death claims are usually enacted under the umbrella of personal injury cases.

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Miscarraige After An Accident

Miscarriages after an accident can count as a type of personal injury. Those related to the suffering party may be awarded compensation for the loss. The miscarriage could occur during or following the accident, or even several weeks later. Despite the specific date at which it occurred, this loss induces a great deal of emotional distress. Therefore, California law allows mothers to claim emotional distress following the miscarriage. It is important to note that California law does not consider fetal death to be a wrongful death, and thus these cases are not filed as wrongful death claims.

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