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We Help Single Mothers Keep Custody

Her Lawyer attorneys | Los AngelesIn California, single mothers have custody of their children born out-of-wedlock. However, some fathers attempt to take away their custody rights, ultimately putting the mother’s and child’s best interests in jeopardy. Our attorneys legally counsel, represent and defend single mothers throughout the state of California. Your affordable lawyer will protect your custody rights as a single mother. If you’re looking to protect your parental and custody rights, contact Her Lawyer to get in touch with one of our child custody attorneys for single mothers.

Your Rights as a Single Mother

Under California law, unmarried mothers automatically have full legal and physical custody of their children born out-of-wedlock. Single mothers do not need to take any legal action to gain legal or physical custody of their children.

Physical custody refers to a parent’s right to care for the child; parents with legal custody make decisions on the child’s behalf. In the eyes of the court, these types of custody are completely separate. It’s possible that a parent can have full legal custody of a child while having shared or even no physical custody rights.

Unmarried fathers do not enjoy the same automatic parental rights as single mothers. Fathers of children born out-of-wedlock must establish legal paternity in order to gain custody rights of their children. Even if the father’s name is on the child’s birth certificate, the court will not consider them as having child custody unless they establish legal paternity.

Single mothers must recognize that unmarried fathers may be eligible for child custody. If your child’s father establishes paternity or argues that you are unfit to care for the child, a judge may grant them custody rights, and possibly take away yours. For more information about child custody laws in California for unmarried parents, click here.

If you’re a mother looking to protect your custody rights, get in touch with one of our child custody lawyers. Contact Her Lawyer to get in touch with one of our child custody attorneys for single mothers.

Attorney Principles – Child Custody

Defending Your Rights As a Single Mother

As esteemed attorneys, our highest priority is to protect and defend your legal rights. As a single mother, you have certain parental rights. It’s important for you to recognize them and, if necessary, hire someone to protect them. Our custody attorneys help single mothers successfully keep custody of their children.

A Unique Strategy

Every case is different, so every solution should be as well. Once you get in touch with Her Lawyer, we’ll get you in touch with the right lawyer based on your needs and preferences. To protect your custody rights, your attorney will create a legal strategy based on actions rather than reactions. Your child custody lawyer will effectively navigate through California’s complex custody laws while keeping you informed at every turn.

Handling Your Case With Care

Issues involving children are always sensitive and should be treated with care. To ensure our clientele’s satisfaction, every attorney in Her Lawyer’s network has at least 5 years of specialized experience and undergoes gender sensitivity training. Our skilled, passionate lawyers approach and handle cases with sensitivity and discretion.

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If you or a loved one is a single mother looking to defend your child custody rights, contact us. Our experienced child custody lawyers for single mothers protect and defend parental rights. We’ll get you in touch with the right lawyer for your case. Your first consultation is free. We’re here to help 24/7.

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