Women can be vulnerable to any kind of attack while on a date with a stranger, and some may be unsure of what steps to take to protect themselves. Here is everything you need to know about whether or not to carry a CCW when going on a date with a stranger.

It is always in a woman’s best interest to protect themselves and their safety in the most effective way possible, especially when going out with someone they have not met before. Women are consistently the biggest victims of gendered robberies and domestic violence (Reported by Deviant Behavior in 2013). This is why carrying a concealed weapon on a date with a stranger might be in the best interest of the woman’s security.

Why a Woman Should Carry a CCW on a Date

Although some women may be hesitant to carry a concealed weapon on a date, it can provide more benefits than just additional physical protection. Here are some reasons why a woman should legally carry a concealed weapon on a date with a stranger:

  • It will provide the best protection.
    • A woman can be most protected when alone if she has a way to defend herself from any kind of attack, such as carrying a weapon. Carrying a weapon is the most effective way for a woman to either prevent an attack or defend themselves from any kind of attack they may encounter.
  • It can give a sense of relief and preparedness.
    • If a woman is able to carry a concealed weapon on a date, she will be more secure in her safety and her ability to protect herself. This ensured safety can provide her with a greater sense of confidence and a more enjoyable experience, since the worry of the unknown danger will not be an issue for her to ponder.
  • It can heighten one’s awareness of situations.
    • A woman carrying a concealed woman will find themselves more prepared for any kind of danger, because carrying requires a higher responsibility and precautionary skills. A woman who is carrying a concealed weapon will usually be trained and more prepared for danger than one who is not. These skills will allow them to be better equipped to scan for any potential threats around them.

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How to Carry a CCW on a Date

Many individuals may not know where to start when it comes to carrying a concealed weapon on a date. These are the steps a woman needs to know to correctly carry a concealed weapon on a date.

1. Obtain a Concealed Carry Permit.

The most important rule about carrying a concealed weapon on a date is first to ensure that a woman has her concealed carry permit in California. This can be done by contacting their local sheriff’s department in their county. It is crucial for a woman to remember that she should only carry if she has a permit to do so, or else she can face severe legal consequences.

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2. Pick an appropriate outfit.

Some outfits will be harder to cover the weapon than others but these are some helpful tips to best disguise a weapon in women’s clothing.
Look for clothing with patterns. This will distract the eye from any printing or outlining that the weapon may provide in the clothes.

Look for stretchy or flowy material that will accommodate a holstered gun.
Add a scarf, hat, or prominent jewelry that will draw the eye up rather than down at the weapon.

Avoid tight clothing that would give a clear outline of the weapon. Dress comfortably to avoid constant adjustment. Consistent fidgeting of clothing will draw suspicion of something being wrong or off with the clothing.

3. Decide to be honest or not.

A woman has to decide if she will share that she is carrying a concealed weapon with her date or not. This is done at her own personal discretion, however, if she does choose to inform her date, it is advised that she does not show the weapon. Revealing the weapon to her date could allow them to look for ways to disarm you or hinder the weapon in any way.

Tips and Precautions for Going On a Date With a Stranger

If a woman does decide to go on a date with a stranger, she should take extra steps to ensure her safety. Here are some useful tips a woman can follow to help protect herself from any danger while out with someone she does not know.

  • Decide where to go.
    • If a woman is looking to conceal carry, it is easy for her to do so if she chooses the location with the intention of carrying a concealed weapon in mind. This will ensure that she can conceal carry on the date for her own protection and feel safe at all times of the date.
  • Go to a public place.
    • It will be much safer for a woman to stay within the public eye during a date with a stranger. There is a lower chance that the stranger will attempt to attack her due to the sheer number of witnesses.
  • Get there on your own.
    • Whether it is driving, biking, taking a cab, or an uber, it is best to not allow the stranger to pick a woman up in their vehicle. The chance for abduction is extremely high if a woman is already in a stranger’s vehicle and they have control of where they both are going. Additionally, not letting them pick a woman up prevents the stranger from knowing where they live.
  • Communicate the plans.
    • It is an excellent idea to tell a trusted family member or friend(s) about the itinerary for the night so they have an idea of where the woman will be and around what time the date should be over. Additionally, if the woman feels comfortable doing so, sharing her location with a trusted family member or friend is a great way to allow others to check-in and ensure the date is going according to plan.

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