What Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney

It’s important to find the right divorce lawyer for your case. Here are 10 questions to ask a divorce attorney before hiring.

A divorce attorney’s legal experience, professionalism, and cost can greatly affect your divorce. When looking for an attorney to legally advise and represent you in a divorce, it’s important to hire one with skills and competence. Contact Her Lawyer to get in touch with one of our experienced divorce attorneys.

1. Do you have experience in divorce and family law?

Your divorce attorney should have experience in every aspect of your case. Attorneys specialize in certain areas of law, so it’s important to hire one with specialized expertise in divorce and family law. A lawyer can specialize in child support, child custody, property division, and spousal support; hire one with experience handling these matters. If child custody is a major issue in your case, your lawyer should have experience in winning child custody. An attorney that lacks experience in divorce is likely to mismanage your case, so hire one with specialized experience in divorce matters.

2. Have you handled cases like mine before?

After discussing the details of your divorce with the attorney, ask if they’ve handled a case like yours before. Every divorce is unique, so your attorney should know how to properly handle your case. If your attorney has handled cases similar to yours, he or she may better handle yours. This is arguably one of the most important questions to ask a divorce attorney before hiring.

3. How long will this divorce take?

It’s common for someone going through a divorce to feel uncertain about how long their divorce may take. More complicated divorces can be drawn out, while simpler ones can be processed quickly. Ask your attorney how long they believe the divorce will take, start to finish. Based on the complexity of your case, a lawyer can estimate how long your divorce will take to end. This can give you a better picture of what’s to come and help you prepare.

4. How much will this divorce cost me?

To get a better sense of how much your divorce will cost in total, ask the attorney how they’ll charge you. Divorce attorneys can take an upfront retainer, or bill you hourly. Ask how much they charge per hour and how much their upfront retainer is. See if they’ll charge you for quick phone calls, as these can add up quickly. Ask if all costs, like court filing fees, are included in the attorney’s retainer. Other costs may include hiring a private investigator or financial accountant.

Your attorney’s price and your divorce’s length will greatly affect how much the divorce will cost you in total. Consider their hourly rate and the complexity of your divorce, then ask how much they think the divorce will cost them in total. This can give you a look at their personality and how they’ll handle your case. If you know your divorce will end up costing you a lot and the attorney gives an amount that seems much lower, they may just be trying to dishonestly get your business. If the attorney states honestly that your divorce won’t be cheap, he or she may be a more honest person. A divorce attorney’s integrity can greatly affect the outcome of your divorce.

Only pay the attorney if you both have signed an agreement outlining costs. If the attorney refuses to draft and sign an agreement, find a different attorney.

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5. How can I make this divorce less expensive?

Ask the attorney how you can cut unnecessary costs. If you’d like to save some money, see if you can handle easier parts of your cases while your attorney handles the harder parts. Try to negotiate attorney fees. Attorneys are usually willing to create a payment plan that works for their clients.

6. How will you handle my divorce case?

Your divorce is unique, and your attorney should recognize that. Every situation has its unique set of challenges and solutions. Go over the details of your divorce with the attorney, and ask how they’ll tack each matter. See if and how your attorney creates a detailed course of action for every part of your case. This can ensure that your divorce process is handled properly and thoroughly.

7. Do you think we should take the divorce to mediation or trial?

The circumstances of your divorce, and the attorney’s personality, will be revealed by asking the attorney if the divorce should be taken to mediation or trial. If the attorney says that the divorce should be taken to mediation, they may have your best interests in mind and consider your divorce to be relatively simple. If the attorney says that the divorce should be taken to trial, that could mean that your divorce is complicated, your attorney is aggressive, or they’re trying to milk you of your money.

8. Will you include me in decision-making and keep me informed throughout my divorce?

No matter what, your attorney should keep you informed and included throughout the divorce. You should be included in any significant decision-making. This is your life at stake and your money going towards an attorney, so make sure you fully understand every detail and ramification of your divorce. If your attorney hesitates to keep you in the loop, this can be a bad sign.

9. Can you predict how a judge would rule my case?

Divorcing spouses often want to know and guess the outcome of their divorce early on. There’s nothing wrong with that, just don’t cling onto you or your attorney’s predictions. If your attorney is overly optimistic, it’s possible that they’re just trying to reel you in with false promises. Be honest with yourself about the circumstances of your divorce; if your attorney promises you something you know is impossible, it’s likely that they’re just trying to get your business.

10. What’s next?

If you feel comfortable with your attorney and feel as though they can properly handle your case ask what your next steps are. The attorney will likely give you a written contract to sign, detailing his services. If you’re hiring the attorney to file for divorce, he or she may require more documents before you can proceed. Before you leave this meeting, ask the attorney what you should bring to the next meeting. This can save you time and money.

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