What You Need to Know About Workplace Defamation in Georgia

Each state has its own imposed law regarding defamation. Here’s what you need to know about workplace defamation in Georgia.

Defamation is a crime in Georgia. Defamation is a false statement harming or injuring an individual’s reputation which involves either slander or libel. In order to file a defamation lawsuit, an individual must prove the defendant made a false statement, there was a third party who communicated the information, and there was harm/injury to the individual’s reputation. An individual has one year from the incident date to file a defamation lawsuit.

What is Workplace Defamation?

Defamation is a false statement or information with the intention to harm or injure an individual’s reputation. Defamation can happen through slander and libel. Workplace defamation can result in harm to the reputation of the individual affected.

Slander Vs. Libel in Georgia

Georgia provides definitions to differentiate the difference between slander and libel. Here are the definitions of slander and libel according to Georgia law.

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Slander is defamation expressed orally.

Georgia law states slander can come in these forms:

  • Imputing another crime to the individual
  • Charging a person with having a contagious disorder
  • Making statements against an individual damaging their trade or profession

Libel is false and malicious defamation expressed in print, writing, pictures, or signs to ruin the reputation of an individual.

How to File a Workplace Defamation Lawsuit in Georgia

To file a defamation lawsuit, the individual must prove:

  • The defendant made a false statement about the plaintiff
  • There was a third party who communicated the statement
  • Brought harm or injury to the individual’s reputation
  • Proof there was negligence on the defendant

Georgia is considered a per se state. Per se statements are very harmful statements individuals do not need to prove harm.

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Exceptions to what is considered per se include:

  • False accusation of sexual immorality
  • False accusation of criminal behavior
  • False accusation of having a contagious disease (HIV/AIDS)

FAQs About Workplace Defamation in Georgia

What is the statute of limitations for defamation in Georgia?

Georgia law states individuals have one year from the date of the incident to file a defamation lawsuit.

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