Are Uber Drivers Employees or Independent Contractors in Georgia?

Deciphering whether uber drivers are considered employees or independent contractors in Georgia can be challenging. Here’s what to know about whether uber drivers are employees in Georgia.

In Georgia, Uber Drivers and independent contractors who are not eligible for worker’s compensation. In personal injury cases, Uber is still required to compensate the driver regardless of his employment status.

Employees vs. Independent Contractors

The main difference between employees and independent contractors is that the former qualify for benefits such as worker’s compensation benefits like paid-time off and health-care while the latter do not. A company with employees is legally required to purchase worker’s compensation insurance, but a company that only has independent contractors is not.

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Uber Drivers as Independent Contractors

In Georgia, uber drivers are independent contractors. According to Georgia Statute SB 150, the drivers are “marketplace contractors” instead of employees because Uber does not prohibit its drivers from doing other work, does not prescribe work hours, and does not furnish equipment or tools. This allows Uber to avoid paying drivers worker’s compensation, saving Uber money.

Worker’s Compensation for Uber Drivers

As independent contractors, Uber drivers who get injured on the job are not eligible for state-granted worker’s compensation. Under Georgia’s no-fault worker’s compensation system, their personal automotive insurance or Uber’s insurance policy is required to compensate them.

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FAQs about whether Uber Drivers are Employees in Georgia?

Can Uber drivers file lawsuits against Uber if they get injuries on the job? ob?

As independent contractors, Uber drivers can file lawsuits against Uber. However, they are responsible for the costs of the lawsuit and the burden of proof.

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