What You Need to Know About Reasonable Accommodations for Pregnant Workers in Pennsylvania

Pregnancy can often come with workplace benefits to make the process more comfortable before birth. Here’s everything you need to know about reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers in Pennsylvania. 

What are Reasonable Accommodations?

Reasonable accommodations are simple changes such as small breaks for medication, assistance with heavy lifting, or stools to sit on during a shift that assists pregnant workers during their shifts. 

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The American Disabilities Act (ADA) prevents an employer from firing, retaliating, or otherwise harassing a pregnant employee due to their conditions. The ADA also stipulates that employers must provide reasonable accommodations.

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Act stipulates that an employer must provide anything a pregnant employee needs to be healthy during work. 

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Employers do not need to provide accommodations when the request is needlessly expensive or otherwise difficult to procure. 

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