What are Pennsylvania’s Wrongful Termination Laws?

Pennsylvania honors “at-will” employment. However, an employee may still face wrongful termination of employment. Here’s everything you need to know about Pennsylvania’s wrongful termination laws. 

Wrongful termination laws in Pennsylvania protect employees from unfair situations. Employers may utilize “at-will” employment standards but must treat their employees with dignity and respect. 

What is “At-Will” Employment in Pennsylvania? 

Pennsylvania honors “at-will” employment, meaning employers may fire their employees at any time. While this does not promote fairness, employers can fire their employees for any reason, or none at all. 

What is Wrongful Employment Termination in Pennsylvania? 

An employer may have engaged in wrongful employment termination under any circumstances. “At-will” employment standards do not permit an employer to act in inappropriate manners. 

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If an employer fires an employee for the following reasons, they might be guilty of wrongful employment termination: 

  • Religion,
  • Race,
  • Origin,
  • Gender,
  • Disability.

What are Examples of Wrongful Employment Termination in Pennsylvania?

Outside of discriminatory acts, an employer may also engage in wrongful employment termination if they fire an employee for the following reasons: 

  • Pregnancy, 
  • Age, 
  • Citizenship status,
  • GED vs. high school diploma, 
  • And more.

An employer may not penalize an employee for addressing concerning violations, instances of sexual harassment, or other circumstances. An employer may not fire the employee even if their claim is untrue. 

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An employer must honor their employee’s work status even if they participate in an investigation, like speaking to investigators or testifying in court. 

An employee can take work leave under specific laws. 

Do Contracts Protect an Employee from Wrongful Termination in Pennsylvania?

A Pennsylvania employer must honor written contracts between employer and employee, who must carry out the agreements, especially regarding job termination.  

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