Disability discrimination can be a complicated topic to navigate. Here is everything you need to know about disability discrimination laws in Ohio.

Can an employer refuse to hire me if I have a disability?

Ohio is an at-will employment state, allowing the employer to fire and choose not to hire an employee candidate for any reason.

Does the ADA protect confidentiality?

Employers must store any information about a person’s disability on separate documents and treat the information as confidential medical records. Employers must store records regarding a person’s disability separately from other personnel files. Only authorized staff can access these records.

What is a reasonable accommodation?

A reasonable accommodation is making proper adjustments to a job or workplace so a qualified person with a disability can perform their job. Reasonable adjustments can include providing a quiet workspace, purchasing adapted equipment, or providing a modified work schedule.

Is an employer required to make reasonable accommodations for my disability?

Employers must make reasonable accommodations for a disability in the workplace to help an individual with a disability carry out their job. An employer is only required to provide reasonable accommodations if they know you need accommodations.

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What is not considered a disability by the ADA?

The ADA does not consider kleptomania, pyromania, compulsive gambling, or psychoactive disorders that resulted from illegal drug use as disabilities. The ADA also does not consider sexual compulsions and disorders as disabilities.

How does the ADA define a disability?

The ADA serves to protect the employment rights of individuals with disabilities. The ADA defines an individual with a disability in two sections, both of which must apply. The first part is the individual must have a mental or physical impairment. The second part is the impairment must cause substantial limitations in major life activities.

Can an employer ask about a disability when hiring?

Employers are not able to ask any questions about disabilities on job applications or during interviews. Employers must outline the duties and responsibilities of the position and ask applicants about their qualifications. The questions employers ask must be disability neutral.

What does the ADA cover?

The ADA covers discrimination in all areas of employment practices, including the hiring process, job applications, firing, and training.

Can an employer require a medical examination?

An employer can not require a medication examination during the application or hiring process. After making a job offer, the employer may require a medical exam but only the same one that is required of all new employees. Employers can also ask questions about a disability but can only withdraw their offer if they find the individual will not be able to perform the job even with reasonable accommodations.

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What employers must follow Ohio’s discrimination laws?

The state of Ohio and any political subdivision of the state must follow the discrimination laws set for the rest of the state. Private businesses that employ four or more people must also abide by these laws.

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