In Michigan, a parent may wish to modify a child support order if their financial situation changes. Here’s everything you need to know about how to modify child support in Michigan.

Michigan Child Support Programs can assist parents struggling with child support. Parents wishing to modify child support in Michigan should contact a Friend of a Court to review the court order and request support recommendations. A parent who needs immediate modification may file a court motion disclosing significant financial changes.

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Child Support Laws in Michigan

In Michigan, parents must provide child support until the child turns 18 or graduates high school. The state court uses the Supreme Court’s guidelines to determine the child support the parents must provide. The guidelines use both parents’ incomes to calculate the total child support. In Michigan, the noncustodial parent may provide child support because the custodial parent financially supports the child every day.

A parent cannot stop providing child support. Parents struggling to pay or receive child support may seek help from Michigan’s Child Support Program.

The Michigan Office of Child Support can:

  • Help locate a parent who is not providing child support
  • Make a recommendation to a Friend of the Court
  • Obtain a support order for the parent
  • Provide alternate options for receiving child support

The Michigan Child Support Program can provide parents and children financial assistance and help enforce support orders. Parents seeking a child support order modification may contact the court directly.

Modifying Child Support in Michigan

A parent may request a change to the child support court order. A Friend of the Court assists parents struggling with child support by reviewing the child support order every three years. If a parent’s financial situation changes significantly, a Friend of the Court can modify the child support the parent owes after the review.

In Michigan, a parent may have to pay a fee to file a court motion to modify child support. A parent who must modify a court order before the three-year review may file a court motion. The court will ask the parent to complete a questionnaire to determine if the child support modification request is valid.

A parent requesting to modify child support in Michigan must provide:

  • All income tax returns
  • The four most recent bank statements
  • The company’s year-to-date deductions

A Michigan court may modify the child support order if the parent discloses all financial information and proves the modification is necessary. A parent struggling with child support should contact a Friend of a Court. After reviewing the court order, a Friend of a Court may submit a support recommendation to the state court.

Michigan Child Support Forms

A parent wishing to modify a child support order in Michigan must file a form to the state court. Parents can find all Michigan child support forms online. The parent must disclose all financial assets and explain valid reasoning for requesting child support order modification.

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FAQs About Modifying Child Support in Michigan

What if a Michigan court denies my court motion, but I cannot pay the child support?

If a Michigan court denies a motion to modify the child support order, a parent should contact a Friend of the Court to make a recommendation. A parent may also seek Michigan’s Child Support Programs to receive financial support.

Does Michigan have a statute of limitations on child support?

The Michigan statute of limitations on child support requires a parent to provide child support for ten years after the final payment is due.

Can I modify the overdue child support I owe?

In Michigan, courts cannot modify overdue child support. A parent should contact a child support program to help pay back the owed child support.

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