What You Need to Know About Modifying Child Support in Arizona

Child support is a vital resource for individuals raising a child. Here’s everything you need to know about modifying child support payments in Arizona.

In Arizona, either parent can petition for child support modification every three years or if their financial situation changes substantially. An Arizona judge examines all the evidence before determining the new child support amount.

When Can an Arizona Parent Apply to Modify Child Support?

Florida calculates child support amounts based on both parents’ incomes, parenting time, health care costs, daycare costs, and other childcare-related expenses. Over time, these variables are constantly changing.

If any of these variables change substantially, either parent can apply for a child support modification. A Florida court will collect evidence from both parents to determine the new child support amount.

Arizona Child Support Modification: “Substantial” Change

An Arizona parent qualifies for child support modification if the new amount of child support is “substantially” different from the old amount. In Arizona, a “substantial” difference is either a 15% or $50 per month change, whichever is less.

As a result, if one parent pays $100 per month in child support, they can only apply for a modification if the newly requested amount is at least $115 or less than $85.

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If an Arizona parent pays $1,000 per month in support, they can only request a modified payment of at least $1,050 per month or less than $950 per month.

In addition, an Arizona parent can request a review of child support modification every three years without having to prove their financial situation changed substantially.

How to Request a Child Support Modification in Arizona

To request a modification of child support in Arizona, a parent must complete the Request for Modification Review packet and mail it to:

  • Modification Packet
  • Division of Child Support Services
  • P.O. BOX 40458
  • Phoenix AZ 85072

As part of the packet, an Arizona parent must attach documents including:

  • Two most recent pay stubs
  • Copies of the most recent w-2 and 1099
  • Copies of federal income tax returns for the last three years
  • Proof of daycare expenses
  • Proof of medical/dental premiums
  • Proof of other children, insurance costs, and/or change in circumstances
  • Copies of birth certificates for children who are not common to the other partner

Arizona Simplified Child Support Modification Request

The Arizona judicial branch also provides a simplified form and instructions to modify child support. An Arizona parent can file this form at their local court. However, some Arizona courts will not accept this form, so parents should check with their county clerk before filling out the simplified form.

Child Support Termination in Arizona

Many parents believe child support payments automatically terminate on the child’s 18th birthday. In Arizona, that is not always the case.

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If a child is still in high school when they turn 18, the parent must continue paying child support until the child turns 19 or graduates. Child support payments end if the child is not in high school when they turn 18.

FAQs About Child Support Modification in Arizona

Can a parent withdraw a child support modification application in Arizona?

No—once a parent files a modification petition, an Arizona court reviews each parent’s circumstances before establishing a new child support amount. As a result, an Arizona parent may want to consider their partner’s financial situation before requesting child support modification.

Does an Arizona parent need an attorney for child support modification proceedings?

No—Arizona does not require an attorney for child support modifications. However, an experienced attorney can help a parent navigate tricky child support issues in Arizona.

When does the new child support amount go into effect in Arizona?

An Arizona judge includes the new child support amount on their signed order. The modification goes into effect the first day of the month after the hearing.

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