What You Need to Know About Modifying Child Support in Alabama

Child support is the amount of money a non-custodial parent must pay to a custodial parent. After a divorce, child support orders are issued if the divorcing spouses have children. Child support laws and regulations differ state by state. Child support orders can be reviewed every 36 months, or 3 years, in Alabama.

Modifying child support often requires going to court if the parents cannot agree on changes to the child support terms. If you need to modify child support in Alabama, working with a qualified legal professional will ensure that you follow Alabama’s child support laws. Here’s everything you need to know about child support in Alabama.

Periodic Review and Adjustment of Child Support Orders in Alabama

Rule 32 of the Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration (ARJA) establishes rules for modifying child support in Alabama, whether those modifications are temporary or permanent. In Alabama, child support can only be reviewed every 36 months. If you are facing a significant medical crisis, this timeline can be adjusted.

The request to review child support orders must be in writing and outline why you believe the child support order must be modified. If a review finds that the child support order should be modified, a court hearing will be arranged. In court, a judge will make the final decision on child support modifications if the parents cannot agree. However, in certain cases both parents agree to the modifications and a court hearing is unnecessary.

FAQs about Modifying Child Support in Alabama

Can child support be modified?

Yes, it is possible for child support payments to be legally modified.

Should I talk to the other parent about modifying child support?

Yes. It’s a good idea to discuss modifying child support with the other parent as if you can agree on changes to the child support terms, you can avoid going to court.

What are some reasons a person would want to modify child support in Alabama?

One might consider modifying child support in Alabama if the parent that spends the most time with the child or children significantly changes due to a job change, illness, or any other reason. One might consider modifying child support in Alabama if one parent faces significant financial hardship. The cost of living in Alabama will change over time and it will likely become more expensive to live in the state, meaning that child support payments must also be modified.

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