What You Need to Know About Two Weeks’ Notice in Georgia

There are many reasons an employee may choose to leave their job, including finding new employment, external obligations, or dissatisfaction in the workplace. When this happens, it’s important to understand what is required before you leave your job. Here’s everything you need to know about two weeks’ notice in Georgia.

In Georgia, a job requires two weeks’ notice, depending on what kind of employee you are. If you are a contractually bound employee, the terms of your contract dictate whether or not you are required to hand in two weeks’ notice before leaving a job. If you are an at-will employee, you are not required to hand in two weeks’ notice.

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What Is Two Weeks’ Notice in Georgia?

Giving an employer your two weeks notice means formally informing them you will leave the organization. Whether or not it is mandatory depends on the type and terms of your employment.

Contract Employees

Contracts are exceptions to at-will rules. They don’t tend to ensure indefinite employment, but they usually outline when either party may terminate the agreement.

If you have signed an employment contract, it usually includes procedures for terminating your employment, whether you are being let go or are resigning. If your contract says you are required to provide two weeks’ notice, you have a legal obligation to do so or be in breach of contract.

At-Will Employees

If you are not a contract employee, you are an at-will employee meaning your employer has the right to terminate your employment at any time. No laws, federally or in Georgia, require employees to give their employers two weeks’ notice.

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FAQs About Two Weeks’ Notice in Georgia

Should I give two weeks’ notice in Georgia even if I’m not contractually obligated to?

There are many reasons an employee might give in two weeks’ notice even if their job does not require them to, including:


Handing in two weeks’ notice gives an employer time to find a replacement and, if relevant, allows an employee’s team to adjust to their absence.

Preserving professionalism

Handing in two weeks’ notice can help to maintain a positive professional relationship with one’s employer, which can help with future references and professional reputation.

Do I need to give two weeks’ notice in Georgia if I am taking an unpaid leave of absence?

Although it is not mandatory to give two weeks’ notice if you leave your job permanently, Georgia law requires employers to grant an employer two weeks’ prior notice of unpaid leave. Georgia does not require notice if urgent family or medical conditions prevent an employee from doing so.

Do I have legal recourse in Georgia if my employer fired me without good cause?

You would not have legal recourse in Georgia if your employer fired you without good cause unless you are a contract employee whose contract establishes a specified service length and termination terms for both parties. If you are an at-will employee, your employer may fire you at any time for any reason, with the exception of illegal discrimination.

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