What are Illinois’s Paycheck Laws?

In Illinois, an employer and employee must follow strict laws regarding a worker’s paycheck. Here’s everything you need to know about Illinois’s paycheck laws.

Creating laws to ensure employers pay employees in an appropriate and timely manner is crucial. Illinois has defined and implemented a strict process to eliminate the possibility of an employee not receiving fair compensation.

Minimum Wage in Illinois

Illinois’s minimum wage is $12 for those above 18 years old and $11.50 for employees under 18. Employees receive overtime wages for working 40+ hours per week. Overtime minimum wage in Illinois is one and a half times the employee’s hourly wage.

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Illinois’s Wage Payment and Collection Act

Illinois has implemented the Wage Payment and Collection Act (WPCA) to outline an employee’s wage payments and the deductions an employer can take out of a paycheck.

The WPCA pertains to private employers and local government units working strictly in Illinois. Independent contractors and state and federal employees are exempt from the WPCA.
Employers, Rate of Pay, and Timely Pay

An employer may lower an employee’s pay rate if the employee is notified of the reduction before they continue carrying out their work. The wage deduction must adhere to the state’s minimum wage laws.

An employer must pay employees semi-monthly at a minimum. The employee must receive payment no later than 13 days after the pay period.

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The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938 defines an employee as an executive, administrative, or professional; they may be subject to monthly payments.

FAQs about Illinois’s Paycheck Laws

Can my employer deduct earnings from my paycheck?

An employer may deduct earnings from an employee’s paycheck for specific reasons, such as taxes, employee benefits, or agreements between the employer and employee. The employee must receive written documentation of such deductions every time they occur.

Is electronic payroll available in Illinois?

Electronic payroll is an option in Illinois if employees meet specific criteria.

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