Suing Your Employer in Ohio

Experiencing injuries or new medicial conditions due to the conditions of your job can be stressful. Here’s everything you need to know about suing your employer in Ohio.

In Ohio, it is difficult yet possible to sue your employer due to past Supreme Court rulings. Applying for workers’ compensation is typically an easier way to receive compensation for medical expenses and income replacement.

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Grounds to Sue An Ohio Employer

There are several grounds you can sue your employer in Ohio. Your employer could have intentionally committed a tort. In other words, your employer could have intentionally committed fraud or assaulted you.

You are able to file a lawsuit if a third party caused your injury. For example, if you were injured because your employer bought defective equipment, you could file a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

If you have been denied a claim or some benefits through your employer or your employer’s insurance provider, it may be possible to file a lawsuit.

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Another ground to sue your employer is if your employer does not participate in the Ohio Worker’s Compensation program. While this situation is not as likely since being a part of the Worker’s Compensation program is a requirement to maintain a business or nonprofit license, check if your employer participates in the program.

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