If you live in Texas and are considering filing for divorce, the costs associated with such a decision may be on your mind. Here’s what to know about the divorce cost in Texas.

What Influences the Cost of Divorce?

Whether or not both spouses have children, hire a lawyer, or share a home can all contribute to the varying cost of divorce. Disagreement between spouses influences an influx in divorce costs. Avoiding litigation can help spouses mitigate excessive costs.

What is the Average Total Cost of a Divorce in Texas?

If the spouses have no children, divorce costs $15,600. If the spouses have children, divorce costs $23,500.

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How To Reduce the Cost of Divorce in Texas?

An uncontested divorce is the cheapest and least demanding means to divorce. In an uncontested divorce, spouses work together to complete all necessary divorce forms and submit them to the District Clerk’s Office at a local clerk’s office. Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 145 may waive a divorce filing fee if one files for an “affidavit of indigency,” which requests the court to waive the filing fee because the filing party cannot afford it.

Is The Divorce Cheaper if Both Parties Agree?

In an uncontested divorce, both parties agree on all major issues. An uncontested divorce is cheaper than if the spouses disagree. If both parties agree to divorce and complete the paperwork together without hiring a lawyer, the price is much lower. An uncontested divorce can be as low as five hundred dollars. The price is inconsistent because the filing fee varies based on state.

What is a Wife Entitled to in a Texas Divorce?

Texas divorces allow a husband and wife to obtain an equal share in a divorce. Marital assets refer to the properties both parties obtain in the divorce. If the property is under the classification of communal property, it can be divided.

Is Divorce Possible Without a Lawyer?

Spouses can accomplish a divorce without the aid of a lawyer. One can represent themself in the divorce process. An uncontested divorce does not have controversy in court, yet lawyers aid in making the divorce proceed smoothly.

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Quick Guide to Filing for an Uncontested Divorce in Texas:

  • Ensure the divorcing spouse meets the residency requirements in Texas
  • Get a petition of divorce
  • Sign and submit the petition
  • Deliver a petition copy to one spouse
  • Finalize a settlement agreement
  • Attend a divorce hearing
  • File the final decree with a local clerk

Is Texas a No-fault Divorce State?

Texas usually has no-fault divorces on file. Thus, one can divorce their spouse without a thorough explanation for why they intend to divorce. A no-fault divorce means a spouse does not have to explain to the court whether their marriage conditions justify filing for divorce.

What Factors do the Courts Consider in a Divorce?

The court considers both parties’ marital assets, joint living expenses, alimony, child support, taxes based on state, retirement plans, investments and stock ownership, insurance cost, health costs, education debt/expenses for children in a divorce.

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