What Are Divorce Expenses In Pennsylvania?

Regardless of the state, divorces may be a very lengthy and expensive process. Here’s how much a divorce may cost in Pennsylvania.

Divorces vary in price based on each situation. However, a divorcing Pennsylvania couple can plan on certain expenses throughout their divorce process.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce In Pennsylvania

Contested divorces may result in greater expense than uncontested divorces. Pennsylvania requires hired professionals to help divorcing couples reach divorce agreements. Uncontested divorces occur when a divorcing couple can compromise, eliminating the need for an attorney or mediator. In an uncontested divorce, the divorcing couple must fill out all divorce documents, file them in court, and wait for the judge’s approval.

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How Much Does An Uncontested Divorce Cost In Pennsylvania?

For the cheapest divorce, Pennsylvania couples can expect to pay minimal fees. Filing divorce papers amounts to around $300.

Common Costs Involved In A Pennsylvania Divorce

Divorce expenses in Pennsylvania depend on the situation and vary in expenses. The following factors impact the price of a divorce:

  • The complexity of the divorce
  • Hired professionals
  • Compromises determined between each spouse

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Divorce Costs In Pennsylvania: The Complexity Of The Divorce

A complex divorce usually requires a longer process, resulting in more expenses. Complex divorces may require more professional involvement, which increases expenses.

Divorce Costs In Pennsylvania: Hired Professionals

If a divorcing couple consults with professionals, such as an attorney or mediator, the divorce may become more expensive. Attorneys and mediators, who charge by the hour, may cause a Pennsylvania divorce to become increasingly more costly.

Divorce Costs In Pennsylvania: Compromises Between Each Spouse

If spouses are willing to compromise without using a hired professional, they can expect their divorce expenses to decrease substantially.

Aspects that a divorcing couple may have to agree on include:

  • Child support,
  • Division of property, assets, etc.,
  • Debt, and
  • Insurance.

Dependent on their situation, a divorcing couple in Pennsylvania can expect to pay divorce expenses related to:

  • Court filing costs,
  • Mediation or attorney fees,
  • Mental evaluations or counseling,
  • Determine division of property and assets,
  • Any additional fees.

FAQs About Divorce Cost In Pennsylvania

Do children add to divorce expenses in Pennsylvania?

Yes, children may cause divorce expenses to rise in Pennsylvania. Determining custody agreements, child support, and other concepts may cause a dispute between divorcing spouses, resulting in a higher probability of attorneys or mediators stepping in.

What are the most expensive divorce fees in Pennsylvania?

Commonly, attorney fees become the most expensive fee in divorce. Clients pay attorneys hourly, and their price varies on how often clients utilize their services.

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