What You Need to Know About Alabama’s Labor Laws for Remote Workers

Covid-19 changed the workplace by introducing virtual or remote work. In light of the pandemic and the recent surge of remote work, there are important labor laws that still apply to protect the rights of remote workers.

Alabama Employment Laws

Alabama has many comprehensive labor laws set in place to protect the rights of workers. Alabama prohibits any dicrimination in the workplace. In addition to Alabama labor laws, Alabama also upholds labor guidelines outlined in federal labor laws, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).

Title 25 of Alabama Code outlines more state specific laws, which includes the following:

Equal Employment Opportunity for Minorities: Alabama Code Section 25-1-10 protects minorities in the workplace, specifically indigenous people. Under this section, indigenous populations are specifically protected in affirmative action programs.

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Age discriminination for employers: Alabama Code Section 25-1-22 prohibits discrimination against employees on the basis of age. In other words, it is illegal to refuse hiring an individual simply because they are older in age.

Clarke-Figures Equal Pay Act: The following legislation states that an employer cannot pay any of its employees at wage rates less than rates paid to other employees of another sex, race, or religion.

Alabama’s Telework Guidelines

Alabama’s Telework Guidelines outlines steps that employers and employees can adhere to when transitioning to an online setting. The State Personnel Department Telework Guidelines by Alabama serves the purpose of outlining work expectations when employees work at an alternative location, such as at home.

In the guideline, telework is defined as a work arrangement where an agency is able to direct or permit employees their usual job duties despite not being at their primary, or “in-person” workplace.

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Alabama’s Labor Laws for Remote Workers

According to Alabama’s Telework Guidelines, employees are required to complete all assignments as promised with their employer and be reachable during a certain established period. Furthermore, employees will maintain the same pay and benefits regardless of where they work. This agreement must also be signed and acknowledged between the employer and employee. The form and agreement can be found here.

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