What You Need to Know About Accrued Sick Leave Laws in Georgia

Sick leave is a benefit given to employees to ensure they are given time off to rest from the workplace. Here is what you need to know about accrued sick leave in Georgia.

Certain circumstances require employees to take a sick leave for various reasons. However, Georgia does not require employers to offer their employees sick leave. Therefore, it is up to the employer to decide on the benefits an employee receives.

What is Accrued Sick Leave?

Accrued sick leave is defined as the total of days of unused sick leave which accumulate for the employee from year to year.

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Sick Leave Laws in Georgia

Georgia law does not require employers to offer their employees paid sick leave. Employers who do not offer sick leave do not receive accrued sick leave.

What Is Eligible For Employees To Receive Sick Leave

Employees may receive sick leave for these reasons but are not limited to:

  • Personal illness or disability
  • Absence needed because of exposure to contagious disease
  • Dental or medical care
  • Absence due to dental or medical care, illness, accident, or death in your immediate family that requires your presence

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How Much Sick Leave Can An Employee Receive?

In Georgia’s Department of Health and Safety (DHS) an employee can earn 15 days (or 3 weeks) of sick leave each year at the rate of 10 hours per month.

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